Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dream Package Warms my Little Heart

I know today is April Fools Day but I ain't no fool and this ain't no joke!

I know I'm not the most eloquent writer (what with all the "ain't" talk up there), but if I were I would wish today to have that talent. The reason? I need the words to explain to you how much I appreciate some certain people.

As a lot of you know from the constant whining, I've been having sort of a "rough" time lately. Having three kids and being pregnant isn't enough for me, I needed my husband to join the Army and leave for basic training while I was due. And although I give myself enough pity parties to last a lifetime, I've been blessed with some really amazing people to boost me up. (First and foremost would be my sister, I don't know what I'd do without her! I would be the biggest, suckiest jerk to not mention her, I love her with every bit of my heart!) So, awhile back Shellie introduced me to some of her bloggy friends, who immediately scooped me up and adopted me into their clan. Can I tell you how refreshing that is?! They email me, they talk to me on Facebook, basically they treat me like they actually know me and its pretty awesome.

So we decided with all thats going on to do a little "dream package" exchange, where each month for the next couple we would draw names and send a little package to eachother. Its super awesome!! I mean this is just the first month, but just the fact of opening your front door and seeing a cute little brown package on your porch--how great is that?! So girls, if I could muster up all the gratitude and love and happiness in my shriveled little self pitied heart and put it into all the very best words, I would do it for you in a second! I wish I could express to you how much you've meant to me, and how grateful I am to have nice people do something nice especially for me, its been amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

My first package came from Michelle, and I just LOOOVE it! We did a theme of "Spring" and she hit it on the head, she must have been channeling me or something because I'm obsessed with orange and turquoise right now! Here's pictures to show it all off:

Too FUN! I'm all giddy just from looking through the pictures! So fellow bloggers, you don't necessarily have to spend money and send a package but maybe take a minute to sit down and write a note, because honestly who doesn't love to get mail?! And who doesn't need a little pick me up right now?
And thank you again so much to Michelle, Sheryl (she's private, sorry!) and Shellie! You guys seriously ROCK! LOVE YOU!


  1. That's so great, Melinda. I'm glad you have some great friends.

  2. You deserve it baby!!! I would totally send you something cool...

  3. Hey, Michelle is married to my cousin and that AIN'T no lie. (Did I mention that before?, I am kinda thinking I did. But given the fact she is so kindhearted, I am going to claim her as family again.

  4. HEY! This is about me!! Hehehehehe! I'm giddy and I feel famous!

    Happy April Melinda, I just love getting to know you and I'm SO happy right now that you love what I picked out for you.

    I love you!

  5. What a lovely package indeed. and ORANGE is YOUR signature color (to quote a little Steel Magnolias on ya)
    It is wonderful how little things like someone sending you a package or card in the mail just makes you happy all day long.

  6. I LOVE the fun package stuff! Super cute!! It makes me want to get out there in bloggy land just to make some blog friends so we can exchange fun packages and blog about it...that may have sounded a bit sarcastic, but I was absolutely serious! Seriously.

    By the way, I know your sister and she IS awesome;) She's also totally hot, just ask the guy in the ATM line, hee hee!:>

  7. I agree, self-pity does get old after a while. HowEVer, if anyone had reason to whine and complain, it would be you. Don't know how you do it--I would be cowering in the corner in the dark chewing my nails off. Hugs!


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