Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A have nothing to blog about. The only thing going on in my life right now is waiting for this baby. Thats all I do. Wait. And yell at my kids. Because they are TOTALLY bugging me.

Happy Wednesday people.

(p.s. It's my due date today. And I have tried everything to "naturally" induce labor. I'm telling you, he's hiding out because he's too scared to get here. Face your fears baby!!)


  1. TODAY is your due date. I don't think ANY of my kids ever came on their due date. They are due, when they WANT to be due.
    I even tried caster oil once and did nothing but barf and potty. ICK.
    I don't know if anything really brings on labor, until they are good and ready.
    so sit in a comfy chair, read a book, eat something yummy,
    Make a tape of yourself yelling at the kids...then just keep playing it over and over....while you ignore them. (tee,hee)
    I leave for Utah tomorrow.....EX.CI.TED.

  2. Holy cow! I had no idea! Good luck, Melinda.

  3. Wow! Here's hoping that baby gets with the program. Seriously, though, (not that I wasn't serious about my first sentence) I feel so badly that you are giving birth without your husband there and with a cloud of anxiety over his situation and so many other challenges (in the form of children who are bugging you at the present time) and that life really stinks for you right now. I am hoping and praying for you that as soon as that baby arrives, the sun will come out and you will feel wrapped in light and love. Hugs!

  4. You know, I really think our sons would get along great! I hope the baby gets un-scared soon! :D

  5. I've read that blogging about nothing sometimes induces labor. So...

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  7. I was talking to a new aquaintance of mine yesterday and she told me that her first babies were twins, and when they were born her husband was in Iraq and didn't come home until they were 6 months old! ALONE. With TWINS. For SIX MONTHS. The kids are 5 now and all seems well. Sooooo, here's the me being happy that you aren't having twins and that hubby gets home this summer instead of at Halloween.

    "It's your due date and you'll cry if you want to, cry if you want to, cry if you want to..." HAHAHAHA!

    Love You!

  8. Well this was my fastest pregnancy!!! Go have wild sex to induce!...oh sorry...don't do that, hubby might get upset!

  9. I am sending all the labor vibes in your direction. I hope he comes out soon. Try running around the block. It'll wear your kids out, and, who knows? Maybe it'll work! ;)

  10. Oh man! I had no idea it was your due date - Good luck I know I cannot wait to see your cute new baby fresh from heaven!!


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