Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Other Realm

I can't sleep.

I've been laying in bed counting sheep for the last 30 minutes. Do you know whats keeping me up?! Of course you don't, so let me fill you in.


I'm a little freaked out guys. One of my first posts, I talked about an old friend and just a few days later, that very same friend requested me on Facebook. So guess what?! IT HAPPENED AGAIN!

I know, scary!

That unrequited love post a few back, the guy from my story requested my friendship today. I've never had this kind of power before...I'm drunk with possibilities...

I should test the limits and write a story about someone I know that's died, you know just to see if this goes beyond the mortal world. OooooOOOoooohhhh! (that's ghosty sounds, so you know.)

Okay, maybe I'm really up because I took a three hour nap earlier, but still you gotta think that's odd in some sort or another, yes? (Not the nap, although yes it is for me, but the Facebook thing.)

Now that I've got that off my chest, maybe I can sleep now.

Hey, this one time, my great grandma read me a story..... do you think it'll work?!


  1. Whoa! Do you think your great grandma has a FB account??? Now, what really gets me is that people must just google their name far too often. (But not me, uh-uh, no way have I ever googled my name). Unless you didn't use their names. Then that's creepy (cue your awesome ghosty sounds). FB keeps me awake, too. Only for different reasons. Like the fact that I just cannot, for the life of me, get myself to log off, even if I have NOTHING left to do on there. Now THAT is scary!

  2. My dad just got a FB account. It's slightly odd that we're friends on there.

  3. Okay so stuff like that happens all the time...I often have to ask Timmy if I am secretly being taped and everyone is watching on TV. seriously.

  4. Mallory, no I DIDN'T you use their names, thats why its freaking me out! Crazy huh?! Yeah, Facebook keeps me awake for that other reason too...:)

    Kristina, My dad has a Facebook account too, I like it. :)

    Kristie, I know, you've told me before, but this goes WAY past anything weird like that thats happened to me before! I'm sceered.

  5. what about when relatives ask You to confirm and accept them as a relative. Just think, what if you DON'T LIKE them. NOPE, I don't think I want you for a relative anymoe (tee,hee)

  6. Ahhhh, but Wendy I just found out you were my long lost mom and now you're rejecting me!?! How tragic! haha

  7. Anything can happen child, anything can be.


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