Monday, February 2, 2009

Just real quick...

Hey, I was wondering:
On the last post, about Dirty Dancing, can you leave a comment? No, I'm not asking you to leave a comment; I'm asking if its physically possible to leave a comment. Because I can't see the option when I look at it. And it's not getting comments. So I'm not sure why it's doing that. And I'm checking if it does it on this post as well.
Okay, let me know. Thanks!

update: Okay, I can see the comments on this one, but still not on the last one. I swear I'm not technically stupid (as in stupid with technology...not the other...) So, I suppose you can leave a comment for the last post here. Or if you know why its doing that, fill me in! :)


  1. Sometimes, Blogger is stupid. I'm pretty sure Mario Lopez hacks in and creates mayhem.

  2. Weird, I DID leave a comment on your Dirty Dancing post. It even took it, then yesterday when I was browsing, I didn't see it anywhere. Maybe you have a comment-nabber. ( I am home from work today, sick, throwing up sick, so I am sitting at my computer with a throw up bowl by my side having all kinds of fun)

  3. I love reading your "flashback" posts because I SO know who you are talking about, can picture the places, etc etc....and I think it's funny. By the way, birthday parties are a lot of work for 2 hours of party, eh?! I bet the kids had fun though! Oh, and boiling baby kittens?? Can't you make it something more useless like pigeons?!

  4. I bet your right Kristina, that Mario Lopez is such a jerk.

    Right Wendy, I saw your comment in my e-mail but I can't view it on the blog? I'm so sorry you're sick! Barfing is the WORST!! Good luck with that.

    Thanks Kristie, I'm glad you enjoy them. You can keep me in check and tell me if I'm exaggerating/lying/making stuff up, okay? The party itself was fun, just not beforehand. :) You're right pigeons would be a better choice, but whats controversial about that?! haha


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