Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can you have Tourette's in Hell?

I'm in such a strange mood right now. I mean I'm always in weird moods, always a little craziness going on, but right now: STRANGE.

Why so strange? Well, I just had a fantastically awesome date with the Husband, so I'm feeling very happy and content. That part isn't the strange part, I'm usually very happy with my husband. ;) The strange part is, the Husband's family is here on super short notice and its thrown my world all out of whack.

Do you know what I mean?

I love family, I love spending time with family, I miss family terribly (we don't live near much family). But when family comes to visit, I mentally have to prepare myself for it. Because I can't go and do the things that I normally do or do NOT do. DO do DO do OD dOo. Wow, I'm tired. Okay, moving on. So what I was saying is that Husband's family came in rather suddenly and I'm feeling all off kilter. And its all about me guys! ME.

Not that Husband's last remaining grandparent on the entire earth just passed away or anything.....

Okay I KNOW that I'm horrible and going to hell, got it, I've come to accept that. And truly I'm not trying to be selfish or inconsiderate--truly. But you have to admit only having a few hours notice before someone comes to stay with you and then having to put all your plans on hold and do whatever people tell you is a tad bit inconvenient. Not as inconvenient as someone dying I suppose, but still. Inconvenient. And its making me feel a little crazy.

Okay, rant over. And tomorrow (maybe, or the next day, who knows with whats been going on?) I'll post about the super sweet, romantic, my husband planned ALL by himself (because I bribed him with ummm.....chocolate, yeah chocolate.) date we went on! He's a winner that one. A real winner.

(I don't know why I'm repeating myself so much today, maybe I have Tourrete's. Or... Tourrete's. Yeah.)


  1. I completely understand, Melinda! It is a bit jarring to have to put everything on hold.

    Also, is Emily Thulin your cousin by chance?

  2. Sure you bribed him with chocolate???????!!!!!! Holy smokes, unexpected company can be very ---ah---mind boggling. Didn't have a chance to clean?? cook?? brush up on good manners??...I'd have tourettes too..........I do believe I heard once there is a tourettes hell.

  3. I spelled tourettes (tourrets) wrong didn't I.

  4. Uhhhhhh yeah Wendy it was chocolate...(OR s...x) and you spelled tourettes right, believe me I looked it up in the Dictionary. :)

  5. I think you can have tourettes in hell. because its the opposite of heaven and in heaven we are made whole.

  6. Having my inlaws come to stay with me with just a few DAYS notice, let alone a few hours, would freak me out, big time.


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