Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes I like feeling depressed

Since I was out of town on Valentines Day, I didn't get to write a super gushy, lovey dovey, I have the best hubby in the world post. Sad yes? I know you were all looking forward to it. But NO! You're not going to hear it. Sorry! Instead I'm going to do an anti-Valentine's Day post, since its past V-day and all.

Not that I'm against Valentine's Day at all, I'm not. It just doesn't fit to talk about it after the fact. Ya know, like I'm doing right now. Going on and on about Valentine's Day. Whatever. It's not like I'm eating conversation hearts right now...Oh wait......hmmmmm.

So I have a thing for sad break-up songs. I don't know what it is about them. I think its just because when the artists are singing those kinds of songs they put so much feeling, so much emotion, in them. And I feel it! So here's my mix tape of my all-time favorite break-up/sad love songs:

Music Playlist at

UPDATE: I made the first playlist very quickly and didn't check all the songs, some didn't work, some were just plain scary. So I re-did it, hopefully now you won't hear a girl screaming how much she hates her ex-boyfriend. Oh, and Shellie, I added your song too. :)

OOh ooh! Just a little side note: I ordered some clothes from Victoria's Secret and they just got here! YAY!! (Hey, Shellie, that shirt I got at Christmas is like $30 now, you should get it!) :)


  1. I'm still eating VD chocolate. Doesn't that sound delicious!

  2. add to that list "Never Again" Kelly Clarkson

  3. You haven't been too lovey dovey about your husband. Don't think we haven't noticed! Yeah.

  4. If you are lovey dovey about hubby, why are we listening to "breakup songs"? Do you just like to keep him on his toes ---DON'T GET TO COMFORTABLE WITH YOURSELF BIG GUY...I could still break up with you and shatter your heart and have you spend the rest of your life groveling your way back into my good graces. AND the Victoria cloths (hmmm, what kind of cloths) is that your "teaser" before the songs.

  5. Okay, so you like the sad breakup songs, does that mean it's not weird that I like the angry break up songs? I love my husband and everything and don't have any bitter feelings but some of my favorite songs are bitter girls ranting about their men. Is that strange?

  6. Its never too late to talk about Valentine's Day.

  7. Rachel, I also like really angry songs too! I should make my next playlist with all the songs I like that have "screaming" in them, do you know the kind I'm talking about? Where they have a guy that "screams" parts of the song....Hmmmm, I don't think I'm explaining it very well, I'll just have to post the songs I guess!

    NOT been lovey dovey about my husband?!?! What are you talking about, I share my love for him with you ALL the time, all those post about him talking in his sleep...can't you feel the love?! hehehehe
    Actually you guys'll get a post about how much I love him (hopefully) after Saturday, because we're celebrating Valentine's this weekend! :)


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