Friday, February 6, 2009

Remember to Pack It Up

I'm totally a mall rat. I love it there, for the obvious reason of SHOPPING, but the less obvious reason of: people watching.

Even here in Utahland, there is some great people watching going on. Last week when I was at the mall, I was eating pizza with my kids, looking around at the weirdos, and after a little bit it hit me.


I have to say this shook me to the core. TO. THE. CORE.

Here I was, sitting with my innocent children and this grotesque display of genderitis was in full blown view!

No, this has nothing to do with any silly little gay issue. This has EVERYTHING to do with the clothes these kids are wearing. I know! Now that is a REAL scary issue!

Do you know what I saw?! I tried to burn the image from my brain, but for you, I'll retrieve the image. I saw....

I saw boys wearing these!!!:

These may be made for men, but I'm sorry, leggings do NOT belong on men for ANY reason. The ones I saw at the mall were even more sickly, they had LACE on the edges. LACE!

Now this appears on a woman in the picture, but I saw a guy wearing his scarf just like this! EEEW people, EW! If for some reason you are a man, and you NEED to wear a scarf, do NOT wear it like this, and do not buy your scarf in the women's section!

Now, it goes the other way as well. I'm sure in an attempt to be modest, I've seen women wearing MEN's jean shorts. MEN'S. (The prime culprit being my mother.) They make shorts for women that are to the knee. They're called Bermuda shorts, please for the love of good fashion, buy those. NEVER, ever buy men's pants. In any form. Do you really want all that extra fabric in the crotch area? NO, the answer is definitely no.

Oooooh, isn't she sexy?! Yes, she is, and the skinny jean can be a very sexy thing on a lot of women. But I kept seeing skinny jeans on teenage BOYS! Boys, I tell ya! Gonna be a little graphic with you, but like I stated above, when women wear men's jeans there's extra room in there, but when men wear women's jeans....well, let's just say everything's packed nice and tight. And I threw up in my mouth a little. I had to put the pizza down and walk in a trance-like state away from the food court.

But I got over it when I found a rockin deal on shoes! Whooooo!

Until I saw a guy in there, and then I went straight home and rocked in a corner the rest of the afternoon.

What is this world coming to when kids don't even know what gender they are...sad, sad world...

Submitted for Very Funny Friday by Sue.


  1. Oooo, ick-o. Guys in those tights?? That is the grossest ever!!!The only guys who should be wearing tights are those from the middle-ages, with a sword at their side, slaying dragons and rescuing maidens. Where is the parenting. Do parents have NO control anymore, no guidence given. I am scarred, seriously scarred. My grandkids try pulling anything like that off and I'll be giving them a quick Canadian scolding (no one, NO ONE, wants to endure my Canadian scolding)

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Chet on the Real World owns those leggings. Sexy indeed!!

  3. I wore lace leggings back in 1989. I haven't seen guys out here in Georgia wearing that kind of stuff. if they did they'd probably be hit by a pickup

  4. Nuh-uh! Line crossed, man. Line crossed.

    Oh, and BTW?


    Happy Very Funny Friday!

  5. It is so sad and kind of gross. . . especially when it is your nephew wearing the skinny jeans.

  6. One of our teenage babysitters says that her big brother is always stealing her jeans. What on earth!

  7. Hi! Thanks for the Hulu link. It was funny. :)

    Until we moved just recently we lived right behind a high school, and I couldn't believe the fashion shows I would see every day as I drove by. Kids these days! They're clothes are pretty outrageous. I wonder if the 27-year-old fuddy duddies thought we looked crazy when I was a teenager. I'm just glad I was through that stage before the skinny jeans fad. I could not have pulled that one off.


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