Monday, February 9, 2009

Shell + Mel = Forever

This post is for my long lost twin. A shout out, if you will.

A semi-long time ago, twenty-some-odd years, there were two precious little girls born. When they were cleaned up and looked upon fully for the first time, the doctors and nurses realized the amazing potential of these two hotties. They knew they needed to separate the chicas before their own heads exploded from so much exposure to pure awesomeness--and attractiveness.

That's when it happened, my life was changed forever. Shellie and I were taken away, me to become a Jedi and her to become a princess of some sorts. But the government couldn't keep us apart forever! Ha ha ha! They couldn't stop this! We've found each other, in a sheer force of will, or Jedi magic! Shellie started blogging, and I started blogging and soon enough we reunited! I did have to tell her to take those ridiculous buns out, but we're good now...

Isn't that an amazing story?! Really quite heart-warming if I do say so myself.

Now I want you to forget the fact that Shellie and I are not the same age and not born on the same day. Details, details. You know that's all part of the plan to keep us apart! Now I'm going to have to go to my parents and interrogate them about what they know and have kept hidden from me for all these years, Shellie I advise you to do the same.

But you can't deny the real facts, here's just a few things that Shellie and I have in common:
~We're both girls.
~We're both Mormon.
~We both have brown hair.
~We're both married. (and both our husbands are 4 years older than us)
~We're both fantastically gorgeous.
~We both love e-shopping at Victoria's Secret. (for the clothes, you pervo's.)
~We both blog.
~We both have children.
~We both had braces.
~We both put our foots in our mouth in awkward situations.
~We both hate our names. (for the same reason, that they sound old.)
~We both are friends on Facebook.

SEE! We're eerily alike, don't you think?!

Oh and we both really like this song from Beyonce:
(EDIT: I figured out, if I had a video from YouTube, it won't let you comment! I'm super smart guys! So sorry Shell, here's the link though, JUST FOR YOU SHELLIE! Please watch it!)

Oooh oooh!! And our name's rhyme! Wowee Zowee!
(Shellie, I really did this post because I think this video is hilarious with Justin Timberlake in that leotard and it made me think of you. Hope I didn't creep you out!) ;)


  1. Amazing for sure!!! Maybe I am your mom---do some more investigating. Nothing like blogging to find out family secets and genealogical facts. We are both women, I had babies...maybe I had you and Shell??? I had so many....can't be expected to remember them all. Sorry for the neglect.

  2. Howdy! I'm leaving a comment on your recent post, just to make sure you get the info you wanted to know about my free giveaway. I never know if people read for follow up comments or not. Sometimes I think I'm one of the few crazy blog addicts that actually does that. ANYWAY...You can leave your lament right there on that Free Giveaway post. (You can read my follow up post if you are still confused.) Hope you win!


    I haven't had the internet all day and so happy that I had this waiting for me!!!


  4. You will never ever creep me out! EVER!

    -here's some more similarites

    -Chad and Dave both had weird work schedules and we were always trying to pimp ourselves out on Saturdays but then couldn't because our friends husbands had the day off.

    -We both love with a passion Dirty Dancing

    -We are fun

    -We share a friend in Real Life- Laina

    p.s. on facebook I think you should start a farm. I'll send you a invitation

  5. Oh there are many MANY more things we have in common, I was just stating the obvious ones in an attempt to be funny. :) hehe

    I could go on and on and on, because quite frankly sometimes I feel like I've lost a limb without you...:)

    Send me the invitation for the farm!

    Oh man, why were you without internet?! Eek, I'd go crazy!


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