Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whats Stuck in your Shoe?

I realize my last few posts were a bit of a different tune for me. Which is bound to happen since we all have different experiences and situations that effect our attitudes and moods. Anyway though, I would REALLY like to go back to the funny, carefree me. But first I have to share these two pictures with you:
This picture was taken at the cemetery, where it was seriously freezing, my son and I were wrapped up in Husband's coat and Son looked so cute so we took a picture.

When I looked at the picture the first time, I noticed something. Something WONDERFUL! Look at my eyes guys, LOOK*. I have laugh lines! Crows feet! Wrinkles! Whatever you want to call them! I LOVE that! I have character, I have age, I have signs I lived a happy, smiling life!

This other picture is of my super hot shoes, but walking through the cemetery a little leaf stuck in my shoe, so we documented it. I don't know why it matters, but hey, there you go!

Regular posts will begin shortly. Thanks for all your nice comments guys!

*Oh, just click the picture to enlarge and then you can see my lovely wrinkles.


  1. Such a sweet picture! You're adorable, which of course means your babies are too. Awesome pumps too. I love it when you visit my blog you always make me smile!

  2. You look so beautful! And those shoes are awesome!

    When I was at my grandpa's funeral, I was wearing heels. Bad idea. They kept shoving me into the ground.

  3. I love pictures like that one. So much more than the planned and posed ones. It is beautiful.

  4. you look beautiful. and I like your shoes.

  5. I too like random photos. Your gorgeous and I never doubted your "character". Not nice of you to flaunt your awesome red heels though after my post about NOT BEING ABLE TO WEAR THEM. (J/K...)Actually I still try to wear heels every now and then, though the next day they have me crawling. (ah, vanity......)

  6. Oooh,I love that pic of you! You should use it as your profile pic!


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