Saturday, January 31, 2009

Unrequited What?

(My oldest is at a birthday party for THREE hours! I've got time I don't know what to do with!! So I'm blogging for the second time today. Lucky you!)

When I was 12, almost 13, I started Jr. High. Unlike Middle School, you go from seventh to ninth grade (instead of sixth to eighth). It all started in seventh grade, the very first day of school. I had always wanted to take band but didn't in elementary school (something about no talent, discipline...whatever.). So I took band as an elective in seventh grade (they can't stop me now! Wheee!). The first day, we were able to choose what instrument we were to be playing. I really wanted something pretty and small. What I REALLY wanted was to play the flute. But I had never in my life played a flute. The way the band teacher helped you pick an instrument was by letting you try out a couple and see what you liked. I got in the long line of every other girl, all wanting to play the flute and waited my turn. When I got there, the teacher held the mouthpiece up--in his hands--and told me to blow. That's it. I had NEVER played, any tips Band Teacher sir?! So I blew and nothing happened. He told me to go try something else. My mom had played the french horn, and at the young age of 12 I still adored my mom, so I tried that out. I rocked the french horn. So I became a horn player instead of a pretty flute player.

When I got to my seat the next day, in the horn section, I sat next to the cutest, most adorable, I was now completely in love with, also played the french horn, boy! I mean it, it was totally like kid love at first sight! I adored him, and he tolerated me. After awhile though we were really great friends. Even, he was my best friend. I would talk to him on the phone, I sat next to him every stinkin day, and just obsessed over him year after year! This continued on through Junior High. I don't think there's a person who knew me that didn't know how much I loved this guy. When we hit ninth grade, we got to be pretty close, like I said before. At the end of ninth grade, they have a Ninth Grade Dance (yes, that was what it was called. And yes, I grew up in a bland, bland world.). I was only fifteen and not allowed to date, but I snuck a date in anyway. I really REALLY wanted to go with Mr. French Horn, but no he didn't go at all. (Plus he didn't ask me.) At the end of the year, he wrote in my yearbook something to the effect that he had wanted to go to the dance with ME, and that he wanted to hang out, maybe go to the movies... OH MY GOSH!! All my dreams coming true!!!
That summer after ninth grade, I had a babysitting job. I babysat for some people from church all day long. I would talk to Mr. French Horn pretty much every day. And after I talked to him, I would watch Dirty Dancing. I LOVED that movie. That summer I watched that movie every. single. day. By the end of the summer, I stopped watching the whole thing and only fast forwarded it to the parts I loved best (yes, this was before DVD's!). Here's a great montage:

Oooh tingly I am now....

So anyway, to finish the story: Mr. French Horn was just "too cool" for me, he could never stoop to date someone as lowly as me. Although he flirted with the idea all the time (not me, just the idea.). We went on a movie date once with a friend of mine and her boyfriend, and we were seen by some really "popular" kids and he didn't talk to me for like a year after that. I know I was so stupid to be stuck on him for so many years, but he was my real unrequited love.

I'm so glad I'm married to an awesome guy and I don't have to deal with stupid high school crap anymore!

Okay, gotta go watch Dirty Dancing now!! *so excited!! squeal!!!*


  1. Jr. high love stunk. Those boys were to immature to know how totally awesome and wordly we were. PLUS you could play the French Horn - you sexy devil. Do you still play that alluring instrument?? Don't ya just LOVE Patrick Swayze.

  2. I don't know why I didn't leave a comment last night. I think I was too busy swooning. But, yet, commenting on this post is possible.


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