Friday, January 23, 2009

I Fought the Law and the Law WON

Hi, I'm the Tooth Fairy! Notice my nifty hairnet, the TAKE Program (Teeth Against Kids Everywhere) has raised their regulations and now I have Health Codes to follow.
If you want to get rid of those pesky teeth (who obviously want to be rid of your pesky children), just feed them lots of CHOCOLATE and CANDY! Don't worry, I will compensate you with measly change and laundered money.

When I first met Miss Fairy, and she explained to me what she was doing, I was a little weary but remembered hearing something somewhere of what she was speaking of. So I left her to her work and went back to more important business, but then a little bit later I stumbled upon this gruesome scene: (which looks oddly like poop pellets now?)

It seems as though the Tooth Fairy has a sweet tooth herself!! Wait, no let me explain! I was getting this candy for YOUR kids, you know to help with the losing of the teeth... OH really?! Well then how do you explain THIS:

Not quite so innocent NOW are you FairyPLUMPkins!? I don't know who that is I've never seen her before...

Oh whatever Fairy Poppins, get out of my sight--you disgust me!! And take your little mermaid friend too! You better find a better scam to steal my chocolate than a stupid teeth pulling scheme! Can't get things past ME--not when it comes to treatsies!

And that was the day I came face to face with--not one, but two--criminals... AND I WON!

(Well, I guess I should clarify so new people coming around here won't think I'm a total nut job--not that they'd be totally wrong...
So my grandma sent these dolls to my girls and they were SO EXCITED to get them out of the box!!! They tore those boxes up until they needed my help with all the twist ties and crap. When I got them out I noticed they had hairnets on. It totally hit my funny bone, just cracked me up! I kept imagining reasons a doll would need a hairnet, so I took some pictures. And so this is what you get out of it! I'm not totally crazy, I just have a wild imagination, and too much time on my hands...) :)
Submitted for "Very Funny Friday" at Navel Gazing at its Finest.


  1. Does the tooth fairy still come if you lose a tooth because it rotted out of your head? Hypothetically, of course.

  2. You are so darn creative! (And you have way too much time on your hands!)

  3. Wow, you put a lot of effort into your posts! I enjoyed it!

  4. the doll in the middle with the "netting" all over her face looks like she is Chucky's "ho"

  5. Miss Fairy seems a little TOO happy if you know what I mean. Never trust a smile like that.

  6. wait a minute are those dolls brand new? or do you purposly save their hairnets?

  7. No Shell, they're brand new! When I took them out of the package I thought the hairnets were so funny that I took some pictures of why they should possibly have hairnets. Maybe I should have explained that before, would it have made it funny(ier)?! haha

  8. The packaging for toys is ridiculous.

    I said that to refrain from saying that dolls scare me - didn't work. I was overcome.


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