Thursday, January 29, 2009

What happens when you don't Comment.

Well, that last post fell entirely flat.

I was firmly in denial thinking that somehow through space and time (I watched Lost again last night), it just hadn't gotten to anyone's computer, except for Wendy's. Or that there was a government take-over of my blog, sensitive information they didn't want leaked... but then... it hit me.

OOOoooohhhhhhh.... realization dawning.

No one wants the skinny chick to talk about food.

Right? Am I right? Its kind of a taboo thing, right? Well, how do you know that picture over there <------- isn't from like seven years ago? And photo shopped? Or even ME?! Does it really matter? Who cares! Skinny or fat, we all have to eat.

So, I thought I should let you know. Just in case. Some other taboo things I may or may not talk about at some point:

*government take-overs
*bathroom jokes
*your mom
*the macarena
*Dirty Dancing and how much I love it
*my mom
*hitting a kid with glasses (shockingly, not that hard to do)
*religious music
*boiling baby kittens
*Britney Spears

Okay, so now you know it. I'm controversial! You can either be apart of it, or fight the inevitable. You know you want to join in, loosen up and have a good time! So do it! :)

*If for some reason you just forgot to comment or didn't want to and none of this has anything to do with weight issues: I totally get it. In fact, I ASSUMED that. No hate mail okay? (why would I get hate mail? I don't know, now I've scared myself!) But we all know what 'assume' means, so I tried not to. And this is what you get, comment next time or it could get scary! hahahahahaha

p.s. I've promised myself that blogging is only going to be fun and I won't weigh (teehee) my self worth on how many comments I have or whatnot, so note the sarcasm. :) (meaning: I'm okay, I'm not upset, I still love you all!)


  1. I almost didn't comment on this post, since it clearly wasn't directed at me, as I commented on that last blog.

    Oh, also, don't do a post about how you might invite your family to your next OBGYN appointment. You may get a super self-righteous LDS author telling you you should be banned from the Internet. And it might make your day.

  2. Oh MAN! REALLY?! Is it in your comments or did she e-mail you?! I will have to go check now! Thats hilarious! hahaha

  3. Yep. I was one of those kids with glasses who wasn't hard to hit.

  4. Sorry, it was a HE. Hahaha You're awesome Kristina!

    Sorry Heidi, thats so sad. My daughter has glasses and I don't bat an eye if she needs a beating! :D

  5. Let me know when you start boiling water....I'll start meowing for the controversy there! hehehe!!

  6. Melinda- I can't wait for you to post about Dirty Dancing.

  7. Awesome April! Now I have a cohort, we can boil kittens together in all its glory! mwaa haaahahaha

    Oh yes, Shell it WILL happen! I seriously LOVE Dirty Dancing!

  8. I'm always here for you kiddo - through fat and thin, photo shopped or NOT. I want a story on all those topics--what do you KNOW about my mother, what did you hear???? She is supposed to be on the FBI protection plan. How do these things leak out. Regarding Dirty Dancy, you like the movie --or like ah, dirty dancing. (you little vixen you) Can't wait to hear it all.

  9. Oh whoops, you said "my mom" meaning YOUR mom (guess I should read more carefully) I am a little sensitive about my mom OK. (tee,hee)

  10. Oh no Wendy I WAS talking about YOUR mom!! I put in there your mom AND my mom! Both very sensitive subjects no? You'll find out someday what I know....hahahahaha


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