Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We call it "THE BB", okay we just call it Bag Balm

(So sorry about that whole pity party yesterday. I'm still really tired and got yet another sleep lacking night of "sleep", but I don't want to dwell on that! I want to move on and be happy and get stuff done! Wish me luck that my son will let me set him down for awhile and get what I need to done, alright? Thanks!)

Guess what? I have a hive right on my left wrist! And it's itchy! It just popped up like twenty minutes ago and I keep subconsciously scratching it. I don't know about you, but I get hives all the time! All of a sudden my leg will itch and I'll scratch and before you know it, HIVES. Yes, I have lots of allergies if you were wondering. I usually can just put some bag balm on it and it will be better.

You know, bag balm. Do YOU have some at your house? Its fantastic! My family growing up always had a huge thing of vaseline to use, but after I got married my father-in-law introduced me to the miracle that is Bag Balm. AND since moving to Utah, I hear of more and more people and their uses for it.

Uses like chapstick. Yes, I have big lips (the better to kiss you with my dear!), and they split and crack all the time. When they're too bad for carmex to help, I go for the bag balm.

Minor scrapes and abrasions. I work at a daycare, so with the amount of handwashing that goes on I get VERY dry hands. I could use the bag balm just for that, BUT I also get little paper cuts and nicks because of the dry hands. And right away I put on the bag balm. Also we use it instead of neosporin, works fantastically.

Diaper rash. When our daughter was born she got a yeast infection pretty bad, before we knew it was a yeast infection, our doctor's office told us to use bag balm for diaper rash! The freakin pediatrician, a DOCTOR, told us to use bag balm! We were like COOL, even our doctor knows how awesome bag balm is! And you know what?! It really does work!

Breastfeeding. Do you know how expensive a tube of lanolin is?! Well guess what bag balm has in it? The same stuff as what you use for cracked nipples! Seriously! Sure you could just take what they give you in the hospital, but that little tube is the size of my pinky toe and whatcha gonna do when that runs out?! Get ya some bag balm!

I already told you about itchy skin and rashy stuff. But probably the funniest thing I've ever heard bag balm used for was from my husband's grandpa. We were having a good ol' conversation about how wonderful bag balm is (surprise surprise, his grandpa LOVES bag balm), and he was saying different uses for it and said something about "piles". I was like what the heck? So later I was reading in a birth book about hemorrhoids, and that sometimes its called "the piles". EWW. But anyway, I guess some people use bag balm for THAT as well. Hey, just wanted to show you the versatility. Sorry if it went a little too far.

So run out and get some people! Its in the pet section of the store, because if you REALLY wanted to, its actual purpose is for cow's utters. Ha, who has cows and puts bag balm on COW's nipples when you can put it on your own! Ha! ha ha ha! Silly silly people...

oh p.s. If you're wondering how long it lasts, we've had our green can o' magic for about five years and are only maybe a fourth of the way down, and my in-laws have had their can for forever. Just sayin'. Oh, and ignore the smell when you put it on, I promise it doesn't last more than a couple minutes.... *shifty eyes*


  1. I've never even heard of this! And I've only gotten hives once in my life, and it was horrible!

  2. You've never heard of it!?!?! WHAT?! (okay, I had never heard of it either...) Go out and get some, you don't have to have hives to use it, I named like fifty other reasons remember?! haha

    I was waiting for you to comment, I timed it:
    .002 seconds after posting! hahahaha

  3. I use bag balm, constantly. My gyno told me to get it after a female surgery and it worked well for that healing so now I use it for everything. Especially diaper rash.

  4. Oooh, I could totally see those shifty eyes shifting!

  5. i love this stuff. I don't think I've seen it out here in the east though. it must be a western thing.

  6. Dude, why aren't you getting paid for endorsing Bag Balm?


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