Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Could Have DIED!

Crazy, crazy day at work today. How many times can I say crazy--OR--day do you think? Today?
So I get to my crazy job today, already not feeling so hot because I was crazy yesterday and stayed up way too late reading...ummm the scriptures (not at all crazy people's blogs!). Plus all of a sudden I have a crazy cough and sore throat, so I didn't sleep very well at all. But anyway, I get to work today and the carbon monoxide alarm is going off. And HAS been going off since 6:30 this morning. Of course no one knows what to do, because that would require intelligent thinking I suppose. My boss was called and she just told us to open all the doors and windows. Okay, but its 30 degrees outside!! The part she didn't realize was that even after we turned the alarm off, it still would beep--loudly--EVERY THREE MINUTES!! Oh how annoying that stinkin' alarm was! So my boss went shopping and picked some stuff up and finally made it in to see if we were all dead or not, and then called the fire department. The fire department comes to test the daycare and see if there is actually a problem or the alarm is just malfunctioning. Of course it was just malfunctioning, BUT we still had to take ALL THE KIDS IN THE WHOLE FREAKING DAYCARE out into the freezing, ice ridden playground. Somehow as I was going in to get my gloves I was commandeered to take a baby because one of the other employees "Had to do something." So I was outside with five babies and one other employee. The kids were freezing, they were crying, they're little pudgy fingers were bright pink. It was sad. And, oh yeah, crazy! The girl that "had to do something", decided that in all this panic she felt pretty sick and needed to be tested by the really hott looking fireman. (I don't know if he was really hott, but that made a lot more sense to me to be tested than feeling sick.) And she "says" her levels were really high, and then proceeded to go in the bathroom and "throw up." I'm not saying for sure that I don't believe her. But I think it was all in her head. Anyway, the more important thing is that I COULD HAVE DIED! TODAY!
Faced with my mortality, I'm hyper aware of everything in my life I have not accomplished as of yet.

*My wardrobe is NOWHERE near complete.

*I can't play Expert on Guitar Hero yet.

*I haven't purchased Mario Kart for the Wii.

*I need to invent that Automatic Poop Changer.

*I haven't said "sassafrass" nearly enough.

*My blog has not become famous or made me a millionaire.

*I've never had a hott fireman examine me.

*I haven't had "the noodle dream." (We've watched Kung Fu Panda a little too much...)

*I still have .2 KB on my i-pod left to fill!

*I haven't found my one true bosom buddy.

*I KNOW I'm supposed to win that dream home from HGTV, I KNOW IT!

I'm sure there's some things missing from my list....IMPORTANT things....but I just can't think of anything else and my head's starting to hurt. Maybe its the monoxide!?! Uh oh, where's the hott fireman now?! I guess I'd better go find him.


  1. You and I have the EXACT same list! Who knew? Sorry about the crazy day! Everyone has to have one of those once in a while. Now that your number was up, hopefully it won't come up again for a long time (in the meantime, you can get expert in guitar hero).

  2. Most Monday's, Wednesdays, Thursday's and Friday's are crazy at work. Oh, and Tuesday's too. Hopefully though, I can stick with crazy and stay away from the whole death thing. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the comment, you rock! :)

  3. okay Mel you have to get going on the expert guitar hero!!!


    this morning on facebook I was trying to find "Hot Fireman" to become a fan of!!!

  4. Shellie thats CRAZY! Okay, I gotta stop saying that--but it never stops amazing me that we have so much in common! >head spinning< (not in a creepy excorcist way, in a 'I can't believe we were seperated at birth' way) :)


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