Monday, January 26, 2009

Waah wah waaaaah!

I'm exhausted! I'm so tired that my Mountain Dew is making me feel SICK instead of PERKY! Oh seriously, I think I'm dying of sleep deprivation. I heard its a slow going death, but it started about six years ago for me, and I'm really feeling the toll now.

Why am I so tired?

Well, the little baby boy that lives here and insists that we feed and care for him, has RSV. Ick. He can't breath and is all mucousy. Plus he has ear infections in both his ears. And eye infections in both his eyes. The kid is a mess! I wonder why he chose to stay here when our capabilities are obviously lacking in the sicky department? Well, he's stuck now so we've put him on a strict medicinal diet. Two drops in each eye, morning and night. Also, ear medication, morning and night. Steroids morning and night too. Extensive snot sucking before eating and sleeping. Oh and the best part: THE NEBULIZER. We are now the very proud owners of a nebulizer. If you haven't had to deal with one (THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS!!!!!), its a little machine for babies that is the equivalent of an inhaler. You put some medicine in a little doohickee, and turn it on and vapor comes through a little mouthpiece that you ironically hold in said baby's mouth. The nebulizer will be used every three to four hours all day long, oh and once in the middle of the bloody night. So since Friday night I've been up at three thirty or so for the twenty minutes it takes for the medicine to vaporize. (Except for last night and Saturday night, where his dad got YES, technically I've only done it Friday night...and well....SHUT UP! I don't want to hear it!! I'm FLIPPIN TIRED!! I've still had to get up the rest of the night to deal with the hacking and the coughing and the crying and the feeding, so there! Sorry, when I'm really tired I have random outbursts of yelling accompanied by obscenities.) So, son had another Dr.'s appointment this morning to check on his progress and will have to go back AGAIN on Thursday. That will make three times in less than a week. And guess what?! It's oldest daughter's birthday on Friday! A birthday in which we PROMISED to give her a real fantastic princess party and have yet to plan it or give out all goes back to that lack of sleep thing, I can't focus! I try, but no thoughty's coming outty. Alright, well complaining over. Until I feel the need to complain again. Who know's when that will be, but it WILL happen again I'm sure...

p.s. Sorry about the lack of funny, its just one of those days. Had to get it off my chest. Thanks for that!


  1. That sounds horrible, Melinda!! Vent away!

  2. Oh I HATE sleep deprivation. (funny, but everytime now I look at your photo, I think of a 5'2" Elvis.) Sorry baby is so sick. A nebulizer...sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings. Poor chil".

  3. Thanks Kristina, I always feel bad to vent, but thats whats going on right now! :)

    Wendy, my husband likes to call it a defibulator. Obviously we've watched James Bond a little too much (But that Daniel Craig is HOT HOT HOT!! I'm a little in love with him...)! 5'2" Elvis sounds fabulous, I should be famous.

  4. Poor Melinda! I don't know how you do it, I truly don't! I can't function at all whatsoever when I haven't had enough sleep. So sorry! I hope it gets better soon and that you will be so darn stinking sick by party day that everyone will totally understand why you can't do a big princess party until next week (or the week after). OR, I can also hope you will all be miraculously healed of your infirmities within the next 24 hours. You choose.

  5. OOh ooh!! I choose miraculously healed!!!! I didn't know you had that kind of hoping powers, why didn't I come across that sooner?!?! (thanks) ;)

  6. I'm voting with the miraculously healed crowd.

    Don't worry about not being funny. Sometimes the need for hugs win over LOLs. HUG!

  7. Thanks so much Jami, thats so nice!

    Oooh good hugs! ;) haha


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