Friday, January 16, 2009

I Believe in Bloggy Karma! I DO--I DO!!

Oh my goodness guys! You will NOT believe this! (Okay maybe you will, but I'll have to tell you before we know...)

So my very second post on here I talked about MySpace and a friend deleting me--see here if you need updating--it really wasn't that long ago guys, sheesh. :)

So anyway, I was on my Facebook account and THAT VERY SAME FRIEND added me to her friend list!!! WHOA!

Now, before you start calling me a hypocrite about saying MySpace is bad and then I go and reveal I'm on Facebook, let me clarify. Hmmmm, how to put this simply.... MYSPACE BAD. FACEBOOK GOOD.

No really. MySpace IS bad, there's raunchy sayings everywhere you go and the f-word is like every other thing you see. Plus its just a place for people to shamelessly whore themselves. Maybe that seems a little harsh, but it's true. Facebook, well Facebook is the mature version of MySpace. I mean, my DAD has a Facebook account, and he's a Bishop. So it can't be that bad, right?! Besides, on Facebook you get to poke people! WHeeeeee!

So anyway, I was shocked because it was just a couple days after I posted that, that my friend requested me. I could've fell over, the karma of it all. And you know what I did?! I DENIED HER! MWAAaa HAaaa HAHAHAHahaha!

NO I didn't. Of course I accepted her friendship. I don't hold grudges. I let things go and don't hold on to them for years. I don't know what kind of people do that....certainly not ME......

...shut up.

But...but....I really DID move on from that. I just thought it would be funny to post about. Do you think she reads this?! The timing of it all is just so weird. I'm so confused and ...... yeah. Has anything like that ever happened to you? Tell me about it so I don't feel so weirded out.


  1. My identical twin sister dumped me from her friend list on Facebook. I kid you not. (I think she's a tiny bit jealous about the book and the blog and the friends and the life ... just a teensy.) (But I'm not high on myself or anything like that.)

  2. I'm going to facebook right now to poke you.

  3. VERY CUTE BLOG --and yes, now that you mention it I do see a resemblance of Elvis. Face book still kinda confuses me. --That whole "poke" thing is a little disturbing. BUT, like your dad, my bro is a Bishop and he is on facebook. It is so comforting when people agree to add you as "their friend" Like some kind of sorority/fraternity right. Must be accepted to be liked. If God has a facebook--I definetly need to be added as a friend. PLEASE.


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