Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here we GO!

Ya know, I already have a "family" blog; you've seen the type: pictures of my kids, telling grandparents how we're doing, that kind of thing. But something happened soon after I started my mommy blog...I found OTHER blogs! Blogs that were funny, blogs that were clever, blogs that were deep and meaningful. And I was hooked!

I LOVE blogs, I love reading them, I love laughing at the clever bloggy things they say, I love tearing up over a good blog lesson shared. After awhile it hit me! I've found my crowd! The blogosphere is my ideal social situation; I can visit with my "friends" whenever it works for me. I don't have to talk on the phone to see how you're doing because YOU come to ME! Its personal enough to feel like I know you, but not personal enough to feel awkward and self-conscious. I love it!

So here's my contribution to the blogging world, hopefully I can make you smile and share a little of my own blather and we can all be happy in our own little world! Plus my in-law's read my other blog and maybe I don't want them to see every side of me! haha This is strangely freeing....


  1. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! You have just made me a million times happier today with starting this blog

  2. Shellie, you're my favorite! Thanks!! :D


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