Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chicken Fingers

I'm sitting here eating cold Kentucky Fried Chicken. With my fingers.

I feel like such an animal! Just picking and pulling apart the yumminess....mmmmmm.

And of course I'm thinking about all the times I've been told how bad the skin is for you. Okay? But then why is that the part that TASTES SO FREAKIN GOOD?!

I know my ponderings are super deep and all, and that this question has NEVER been asked before. But why is it that the things that taste the very very BEST are so bad for you?!

I've considered a few explanations for this.


All the deceased mother's in the world have come back to haunt us. "Eat your veggies Dearest!! NO? Then I'll make all the yummy stuff cause you to be fat and miserable!! Mwaaa hahahahaha!"


It's a government take-over. They make bad food taste good, so we will eat more and more of it, and soon they'll put little computer chips in them and take over our minds.


It's a government take-over part two. The government doesn't want our country to become too over-populated so we eat crap and die younger.


Fast food corporations hate farmers. Their dads beat up their dads and its a full blown war of foods now. (We can see who's winning yes?)


Some evil genius somewhere has a really SICK sense of humor. And if I ever find him I'm going to poke him in the eye, kick him in the shin and run away quickly... Oh and I think he wants to take over the world, or the government.

I'm really not sure which one it is or if its all of them together.... What are your theories?

Fill me in while I clean the grease off the keyboard.


  1. Oh yeah baby, I love slopping my buns (not MY buns, the bread ones) in the juices, gravies etc. French fries covered in Fry Sauce, Pie pie crust. It is an evil conspiracy and If I figure it out, I'll blog ya. But for now, lets go get some donuts and dunk em in hot chocolate. YummO

  2. Oh no!! I totally commented on here yesterday, and mentioned that I was literally eating chicken fingers from Harmons, as I was reading your post!

    Maybe Blogger ate everyone else's comments?

  3. I KNEW it was a conspiracy! Stupid government take-overs!

    Really Kristina?! Thats so awesome! Or freaky?! haha

  4. I haven't eaten at KFC for ever because someone thought it would be cool to show me a KFC PETA video. :(

  5. No, really! I had returned from lunch, and was going through my Reader, and laughed when I saw it was about chicken fingers.


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