Saturday, January 17, 2009

Everything you Never wanted to know about my Saturday!

Man! I don't know what it is about this post that is making me want to tell secrets!

Secrets like.....sometimes after I finish nursing I forget to snap my bra back in place and walk around with it unhooked for hours. Although I don't have big enough bosoms for it to matter, plus my shirts are tight enough to hold things in place...

Anyway, some of the secrets over there seriously scare me! I'm not meaning that in a judgemental way at all! Just the pure ballsy-ness of it all (even though its anonymous), to admit some of that! Whew! I could get stuck over there for hours reading everyone's secrets, I can't even add my own by the time I'm done because I'm so exhausted from reading everyone's problems! And yet, its addicting.... do you think thats because I'm naturally a nosey person?

So I went shopping earlier and totally made out in the discount department! I got two pairs of shoes for $30! I know their going to be horribly painful and when I'm a little old lady my feet will look like this:

But I'm willing to suffer now so I look HOT!!

I also got some stuff for half off the sale price at DownEast! I LOVE that store! When you click on the link, that green shirt she's wearing, I almost got it, but they only had XXL. Dang them. But I did get a couple cute shirts and a dress too! Yay! There's not too many things that can make me happier than good deals on clothes! mmmmmmm.

Except Smart Cookies!

See those flowers in the corner up there? BEST SUGAR COOKIE ON THE PLANET!! Oh my, they are heavenly.... LOVE them!

My son's been really sick the last couple days, he has a fever and goopy eyes and has been sleeping a ton. He's only 8 months and its his first bad cold, I feel so bad for him! I also feel really bad for me because I've gotten .3 hours of sleep the last two nights. I wake up looking like a beast, its pretty scary. But tonight will be different, well probably not, it may just be worse.

Can you tell I'm lonely? My husband works on Saturdays, it makes for a long day. I don't know why. But now I need to go switch the laundry over and do the dishes before he gets home and thinks I've done nothing but sit in front of the computer all day!! Eek! Move it, move it, move it!!


  1. My husband is out of town on a business trip, so I can sit in front of the computer or my phone all day. I probably should have gone outside at least.

    And those cookies look so delicious!!

  2. How do you know they are good? Do you have the recipe? Share please.

  3. Oh Heidi, I know they're good because I go buy them every couple days or so! They're a little store right up the road from us, and I can't tell you how good the sugar cookies are--THEY ARE AMAZING! I wish I had the recipe, no I don't, I'd rather just eat them. :)

    Sorry your husband's out of town but lucky you can do whatever you want! :)

  4. Sorry, I meant to put that last line to Kristina! Oopsy! :)

  5. Those cookies are freaking amazing and one of the top things I miss about utah. Chad worked yesterday too and it sure get really freaking boring.
    I left a secret over there. I left one last time too. Did you read the one that said "There's this blog I read and I really like the girl she's really nice but I think she's weird" I was for sure that was about me!!!! Then I couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

  6. Did you really think that was written about you Shell?! There's NO WAY! If someone thought you were weird, then they have their own set of problems, cuz girl, you funny!!! If it makes you feel better, my secret on there was that I feel like a teenager in an adult world. Later I thought I should have said "hey you! Get out of here, no unadulterers here!" haha I thought it was funny atleast! :)

  7. Those cookies do look yummy! But you had me at Elvis....

  8. lol! I can't believe how much was on there that was all about adultery! so crazy mel... it felt almost like I was in twilight zone.


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