Thursday, November 3, 2011

Laying Out My Weaknesses

Okay FINE! I am finally posting.

I don't know why I haven't felt like blogging lately, I haven't even felt like reading blogs really and that has never happened before! There are things I've been thinking about and the thought keeps popping up: "You should blog this before you forget about it!"

But then I forget about it.

Okay fine, I DO know why I haven't felt like blogging...

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were asked to speak at a youth Standard Night. The Bishop asked us to talk about (get this:) media, the computer, phones, texting, Facebook--that kind of thing. The irony in this is hysterical. Since I am completely addicted to my computer.

So I started preparing and I started reading and I started feeling really, really...guilty. I was reading quotes about "idleness" and being accountable to God for how we use our time, and how Satan tries to minimize the importance of our bodies by sucking us into a life of "unreality" instead of living a REAL important life and enjoying the time and people we have right in front of us. Ugh.

So, although the point of it wasn't to say that the computer (or phones, or texting or whatever) is BAD, it is highly addictive and we have to be careful about not "becoming a slave" to it.

So I've tried to make some changes--do you know how hard it is to be addicted to something thats right in the middle of your living room, that calls to you, that says "just sit down for ONE minute, take a little break, its okay..."?! Its hard I tell you. I've also found that I don't know what to do with myself a lot of the time. Okay I won't sit on the computer, my house is clean, now what do I do? Is that not completely pathetic?! (Please don't answer that, I'm going through a very rough time...)

So I've tried to get organized, come up with ideas, make lists of things to do and whatnot; and its starting to sort of work, I think. Yeah. You know, I think Satan is pretty smart because although I haven't had a real sort of physical addiction to anything (except maybe Mountain Dew), I think a mental addiction could be just as hard to break. Its like my brain is fuzzy, its like every time I stay away from the computer I have a million questions that need to be answered by google RIGHT NOW...

So anyway, thats about it I think. I'm working on using my time better and not being completely consumed by the convenience of the internet. I did have a great post to write about my thoughts on Pinterest, but somehow this came out instead. Sorry. Next time we'll get to the addictive qualities of Pinterest. See its related!


  1. I totally agree! I am addicted to my computer too. I've been trying to get on it less... it helps that I've been on my death bed with the worst cold EVER this week. Good for you on trying to do better!

  2. DITT-OH. Mine is when I start looking at photos and editing them. I could be on photoscape for HOURS, I tell you! I need to be better.

    Wait, halt. I WILL be better. My goal is to complete a certain amount of projects each week, which causes me to MOVE and not be idle so much. You're a great example Melzie! My BIGGEST piece of advice, when you leave your computer, TURN IT OFF. That way you won't just "check in" for silly things and end up there for an hour. Check in the morning after kiddos are at school, and again after they're in bed. Done and done! :) Love you friend!

  3. This is why I don't do Twitter or Google+ or any of those things. I don't need more timesucks.

  4. This was a great post! Thankfully I'm not addicted to the computer because I do a lot of work on the computer so when I'm done working, I don't want to look at it. I do like blogging because I use it as a family history of sorts and turning it into a blog blog. Hopefully the youth took notice of what you spoke and spend more time interacting with live people rather than texting.

  5. I was wondering why we hadn't heard from you. I know you are right...but as we have learned in all things I think, it is a balance.
    making sure our priorities (which shouldn't be the computer) are taken care of first
    then..........maybe some frivilous down time
    with a glass of Mountain Dew. Did I tell you my boys call it the "Nectar of the Gods" (tee,hee)

    For me.......I seriously, DO NOT have much to do, especially in the winter. OUCH
    so my computer kinda saves me
    from slitting my wrists (j/k)...but I do hate winter.

  6. They say the best way to change a behavior is to replace it with another. I don't watch tv very often. I don't follow any shows and if a conversation goes in this direction, I'll have nothing to add. I replaced my tv watching with computer time. See? One addiction replaced with another! LOL!

    Only you know if the time you spend online is enhancing your life or not. If you feel like it's been too much time, then it is too much. We all get out of balance. I know people who put too much time into church callings at the expense of their families- that's bad too. Balance things the best you can and then don't let others guilt you.

  7. My life has just been too crazy to blog or read blogs for the last couple of weeks. I'm learning to accept that for this point in my life and be okay with it. My real friends will always be there, you know?


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