Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Next Time I'll Eat Less Crap

Guess what guys?! I went on a trip. Alone, without my kids! Or my husband. But seriously, it was AWESOME!

My sisters-in-law put together a girls trip for labor day weekend and we went down the Oregon coast. First we stopped in Portland and got some "Big A** Sandwiches" (it was on a Food Network show, so we had to eat there) and then we walked around the corner and got some "Voodoo Donuts" (also from the food network). Then we drove down to the beach and shopped all weekend and played games and stole sand and shells off the beach (did you know that was illegal??). The weather was perfect, and sunny and wonderful (its always a little cool on the coast, windy and such--but seriously, still gorgeous weather). Then on the way home we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory--I'm curious how you guys would pronounce "tillamook", please tell me in the comments! :) The only real bad thing about the trip was that I ate so much junk food I was pretty sure my body was going to revolt and cause some serious damage to...myself. It was getting kind of scary. (And now I have a few pounds extra to work off...but it was worth it. Probably. Not the revolting body...but...I'll stop now.)

Here's a couple of my favorite pictures! :)


  1. Look at your with your hair all pulled back! :) Fabulous photos, and YUMMY food!

    Till-uh-muk (Kind of with an "oo" sound at the end but not like the "oo" in "moo")

    Is there a right way to say it?!

  2. You look so happy and carefree in these photos! I love it. It must be the lack of responsibility that lightened your load. :-)

    I love Tillamook. MMMMMMMMMMM. BEST cheese and ice cream ever.

    The photo of the sunset and wet sand is completely spectacular.


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