Monday, August 27, 2012

In Which I Shamelessly Beg

So I LOVE craft blogs, and probably the one craft blog that I really connect with as far as style and projects and usefulness, would be Vintage Revivals. I've pinned, I've made plans, I've been ready to decorate my house for the last 11 years. The problem? Well, we haven't owned a house since we've been married. For about five years we lived in my husband's grandpa's house, and we could paint and stuff, but we were super poor so...yeah.

So I died last year when Mandi did her Epic Room Makeover--the results were so awesome, and I pretty much loved the entire thing. And now, guess what? She's doing it again!!

And you know what the even better news is???

WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE THIS WEEK!!! We're scheduled for closing on thursday and moving in this weekend!

The sad part is because of the timing and extra expenses that have come up (septic pumping, a whole new freaking roof, etc.) we don't have a lot of extra money to do all the fun projects I wanted to (especially the flooring, gosh dang I wanted to get rid of that carpet...), and we'll probably have to wait awhile before we can really do anything. (This sucks BAD, by the way.)

Have you ever wanted something SO BAD and had to wait ELEVEN YEARS for it?! If you have, then you know how hard that is. If you haven't had to wait eleven years for something, than go say a little prayer and be thankful for how lucky you are. ;)

Anyway, Mandi's doing another Epic Room Makeover, and this time I can actually apply for it! How freaking cool would that be?!

So here's some pictures of our house so you can see:
(the room I would makeover---oh gosh, so hard to choose!!--would be the living room)

These are the MLS listing pictures:

This third picture, in the left hand corner, thats the front door. So there's a bay window--thats fun right?!--and old gray berber carpet--not so fun I know--and high ceilings and plain white walls.

Of course, right now its empty. BUT I do have this great couch that will go in there:

Okay, I know this is a crappy picture, but I'm in the midst of packing and I'm lazy. (Yes, thats a two year old sleeping on the other couch.)

Oh and I just dyed a slipcover the other day a light turquoise for a chair, so it shows I can do decoratey things too! :)

Here is where I plead my case, and look as pathetic as possible:

I have spent the last week and a half packing my brains out--with no help from my husband because...well, he's dumb--I'm tired, I'm stressed, I got in a big fight with my husband last night and hardly slept at all. Feel sorry for me. I have four kids and my husband's in the military, I had my fourth baby alone (except my sister was there...and you know, the doctor) because my husband was at basic training, my kids are crazy, I'm sort of crazy. I don't even have an iphone. Am I laying this on too thick?

Okay, other reasons why it would be awesome if I was chosen:

I'm hilarious--right?! I'm super fun to be around. I don't work outside the home and I'm a night owl so I can work as late as we need to (just don't ask me to get up early...). I love thrifting, I hate spending money, I am ALL about do-it-yourself. We would have SO MUCH FUN!! Also, I live in Washington, which isn't too far from Utah and did you know that Washington is BEAUTIFUL?! Plus I would take you to the Space Needle if you wanted. Or to the mountains, whatever blows your hair back! Ummmm, what else....I definitely don't want the same look as everyone else, I like unique, I like fun, I HATE matched couch sets. I'm really good at painting--both walls and pictures. I have a really nice camera. I have a mac and a wii. Whats your favorite movie--I bet I have it! I REALLY WANT THIS.

Okay, pray for me friends.


    You totally deserve it.
    I have to say...yes I do know what it is like to wait for YEARS AND YEARS, for that "dream house, or even something akin to it"
    I've waited LONGER (sorry if that depresses you) Just when I was get my house in Utah sorta where I wanted it, I ended up moving away.
    AND.....although our house is cute and cozy, it is SOOOO SMALL....and I want an addition,.....and you know what. I MAY NEVER GET THAT.
    I am still at this stage of my life, learning about how to be "happy with where you are and what you have"

    that all being said...I WANT YOU TO WIN

  2. Melinda. You. Are. Adorable. We could TOTALLY make your space fab, and I LOVE your couch...I actually might have to steal it...consider yourself warned. And a big fat CONGRATS on the new house!!!

    Love your guts

  3. I want you to win! That would be so fabulous. I've gotten to hang with Mandi here and there at blog stuff and she is just the same IRL as she is on her blog (and that's not always the case with online personas). Hope you win!

  4. Um, why did my email not send me the comment from THE Mandi?!?!! What the heck?! Thats pretty awesome right there. :) Thanks for the congrats, awesome.

    Thanks Cynthia and Wendy for the well wishes, you guys are the best! :D

  5. I am so excited for you whether you win or not! I'm also wishing and waiting for my own house someday... I've probably got about 12 more years to go -so I feel ya!

  6. Congratulations on your house purchase!

  7. Oh my crap, I hope you win!!! But can I just say that I'm totally stoked about your new pad?!?! I don't mean a maxi, I mean your house. I knew you were moving, but I didn't know you were BUYING. WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  8. I am absolutely in love with you! Well, your entry, I mean - that would be creepy if I was really in love with you just from reading one little blog post. Sorry, I'm not really a stalker. Anyway...I entered too (#122) and if I don't win (I really really want to and all), but if I don't, I SO hope you are in the running! Good luck!

  9. GIRL!!! I so hope you win this! It was too late for me to enter, and walah! your living room is set up almost identical as mine. So if you win this, I can copy the same decor so yayyy for me too! so MANDI, help her! this will be like 2 for one, you hear! :-)

  10. I REALLY hope you win!! That would be AMAZING for you:D What a great start in a new house...your very own house, even!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  11. I've voted for you! I hope I can vote again so you win!


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