Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have on my Angry Eyes

Oh my goodness guys I'm feeling so ranty!! I don't know whats gotten into me lately but the normal filter I usually have is cracked or something.

Why is it so hard to see a comment on a news article or on YouTube or Facebook or WHATEVER and just let it go? It doesn't really matter, if I comment its probably not going to change a dang thing or anybody's opinion and YET it is so hard to walk away from! I don't want to argue with people, its just maddening not to share an opinion when you feel you have something to say. (Thats right and they're dumb.) ;)

I usually try really hard not to comment on things. I might type up the comment and then delete it. I might spend a lot of time writing up what I would say. But usually I'll just delete it because halfway through I feel like its just not worth getting sucked into.

BUT every once in awhile I do it. I type up a comment. I hit post. And then my hands go numb. And my arms start shaking. And I start obsessing. I can't stop thinking about it. Is someone going to reply?! Are they going to be horrible to me?! When should I check for replies?! Oh man do I get worked up!

Is it not ridiculous that I get that much anxiety over this?! The person isn't even standing in the same room as me. I'm alone. And yet here I am, heart beating fast, getting all worked up like someone's about to hit me.

So silly.

Because of this, I've been trying really hard not to read comments anymore. Have you guys noticed how bad comments have become?! You can't click open a picture of a kitty cat playing with yarn on Facebook without almost every comment on there being negative. Its crazy!!

I'm really getting tired of it--and yet, its hard to look away. I go in all innocent and then there I am, sucked into the comments. AGAIN. How do I stop this?

I think the answer is to stay away. Its tough since I LOVE social media, but is it worth all this anxiety and negativity? I really don't think so. I need to be more disciplined. I need more will power. Mostly I need some energy to do something else than veg in front of my computer screen. I need to get out of my house. I need a change.

I haven't been on here in forever. I've been having ups and downs feeling like I'm in control of my computer time. I was doing good, now I'm feeling not so much. :/ I am vowing here on out to get control of my schedule. No more of wasting my time feeling crazy and upset and angry over what perfect strangers are saying and doing--especially when I have plenty of real life people in front of me to do that. ;)

Cross my heart. Wish me luck.


  1. I just barely emailed some friends about this YESTERDAY. I was so upset about how negative and hurtful almost every single post and status update was, people whining and complaining about neighbors and teachers and spouses and bishops and government and complete strangers. It has started making me depressed!

    Even a simple "remember when" post on a school website went from "who was your favorite teacher" to people endlessly tearing apart teachers they loathed. Even when the original author asked for the negative comments to stop, they just got worse, and by the end of the day she had deleted the nearly 100-comment conversation because it had gotten out of control.

    I'm with you. I love social media but is it really worth the heartache and brain-numbing conversation that really happens?

    It's strengthened my resolve to be more positive, and continue choosing to be happy even in light of the CONSTANT negativity out there.

    Good luck!

  2. I think the "Hide" function on FB is the best thing ever. I use it liberally.

  3. I don't read comments. Therefore I don't get mad. Therefore my social media time is not guilt-ridden at all. Good luck. :)


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