Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things That Need to Be Shared

I have a sort of tick in my brain that won't let me move on from things stuck in there very easily. This may be because I've missed a few days of medication...

Anyway, there are a few things that I can't get out of my head, and I think the world needs to know these things.

First up, a few days ago my husband and I went on a little lunch date. As we were driving, Iggy Azalea's song "Black Widow" came on (AGAIN--seriously radio stations, lets mix it up okay??)--and we were feeling giddy with freedom and started joking around, it went something like this:

♫   black widow baby...  

Husband: She's not even black.
Me: Yeah it should be "white widow baby!"
Husband: Or Aussie widow baby.
Me: Totally!
Husband: Or--the dingo ate your baby!
Me: laughing hysterically

I hope you know the reference. AND I sincerely hope every time you hear that song you sing "the dingo ate your baby!" Because I sure as heck do.

I want you guys to know that I love broccoli. I do. I think its really delicious and wonderful. Of all the gross vegetables out there, you can't beat broccoli or carrots. Mmmmm, carrots. Anyway, I finally got my crap together and made some freezer meals and cooked one yesterday. Which happened to be beef broccoli teriyaki. And you know whats NOT nice about broccoli? Its extremely pungent. My whole house yesterday smelled like cooking broccoli. My kids came home from school and crinkled their noses and said "WHATS THAT SMELL?!?!" I went to bed last night and could smell it in my room. I woke up this morning and the smell is still here. 

I'm never cooking broccoli again.

So we've become the official dog watchers. We consistently watch three dogs every couple weeks/month-ish. This week we'll have two of them together! I love it, but my husband is wondering how this happened? SOOooooooooo, I convinced him that we should get a puppy for Christmas! A PUPPY! I am so incredibly beyond excited for this, I can't even explain! Can you just picture how awesome its going to be to surprise my kids with a PUPPY on Christmas morning?!? Its like out of a freaking movie! They will remember this Christmas forever! I just want to add that the dog we're watching right now is very very old and just farted behind me and I think I'm going to die. Wow. BUT I'M STILL EXCITED FOR A PUPPY!!!

Guys. GUYS! Its happening again! That time of year where I want to chop all my hair off! What am I supposed to do?! I seriously don't want to grow out a pixie cut again, but I saw the cutest pixie the other day and felt like I got punched in the stomach--I WANT ONE! Ugh. Hair shouldn't be this hard. In an effort to get some of this out, I shaved the side of my head. Wanna see? 
Can you see it? Hmmm, I don't have many pictures on my computer... Oh, how about this one?

So anyway, I kind of have the itch to cut all my hair off and dye it super blonde. I also have been really wanting to chop it above the shoulders and dye it lavender. I love that so much! Here have some more pictures:

 I think after Halloween, this is what I'm going to do ^^ And then, I can switch back and forth between the blonde and the lavender (see below)  (side note--why is there no down arrow thingy??)

But I'm also really tempted to just do something like this ^^ since I already have the shaved side. Not sure how its going to work with the shoulder length cut. We'll see. Tough decisions my friends.

So whats your vote? What do you think I should do? (Knowing full well, that once I get something stuck in my head its eventually most likely going to happen...)

Oooh OH! I am SO EXCITED for Halloween!! I LOVE IT! We finally figured out what we're dressing up as and I'm obsessed with it and so stoked! WHOO! Can't wait to show you guys! Now if I could just get my kids to settle on ONE costume instead of changing their minds every two seconds, that would be great. But seriously, how can people not like getting dressed up?!? SO FUN! So what are you doing for Halloween? Do you have a party you go to every year? Are you a boo humbug kind of person? Are you not the dressing up type? Why?? I just can't wrap my brain around that! ;) 

Okay, fine. I should go. Gotta pick my medication up from Costco!


  1. Something that smells worse than broccoli: Broccoli pea. It is PUNGENT STUFF.

    Things I love with broccoli: that yummy fresh salad with broccoli and red onion and bacon and a little vinegar and sugar for dressing and it's the best ever...

    Also, steamed broccoli and fresh tomatoes on a baked potato. YummO.

    And chicken curry divan (you know the one you serve on rice with broccoli and cream of chicken and a little curry powder and smothered forever with cheese? HELLO!)

  2. How does it feel like to have a shoved head? :) It suits you very much! I wouldn't even recognize you in this photo :)


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