Monday, September 20, 2010


I teach Relief Society once a month. Yesterday was that day. And you know what? I actually really like teaching Relief Society. Probably because we have the nicest women in the entire world and they are so sweet to me.


A sister came up to me after the lesson and we had the following conversation:

Super Nice Sister B.: Great job on your lesson!

Me: Aww thanks!

Seriously Awesome Sister B.: You're just so cute!

Me: Oh, thanks. (cheeks getting red)

Most Awesomest Sister B. in the World: I just like lookin' at ya!

Silly giggling commences from me.

I honestly think thats the best thing anyone's ever said to me! hehehe Awesome.


  1. I can totally relate! I'm sure they love you to pieces! I know I do!

  2. I taught RS two weeks ago and it was an absolute train wreck. A mess. I usually feel pretty good afterward- you know all full of the spirit and I always feel supported by my sweet ward sisters. It's great. But no amount of sweetness could save me from the reality that I was a pregnant scatterbrain and sick and my well written out notes and thoughts were left to the breeze because I was so fuzzy minded I didn't even follow my own lesson plan. UGH.

    I'm so glad you had a good experience. When you feel satisfied, that's really just the Spirit testifiying to you that Heavenly Father is satisfied and pleased with you.

    I'm pleased with you too! Love you!

  3. I said the same thing to our Sunday School teacher last week who happens to look like George Cloony.

  4. FYI ---back in my "better days" I was a relief society first counselor. Yup
    and an early morning seminary teacher, uh huh
    and a Stake Primary President....yessir

    and-HERE'S LOOKING AT YA.....cutey

  5. Well if truth be told, I have always liked lookin at ya too!


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