Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Letter

Dear Jerk,
Hi, let me introduce myself. I live in the townhomes you were standing outside of this morning. Yeah, when you were ranting REALLY LOUDLY. Yes, I could hear you. And yes, I WAS SLEEPING. I don't really care what was going on, even if your life was just turned upside down--SHUT UP. The five people you had come out and talk to you didn't talk loud enough for me to hear, but YOU, you I could hear EVERY word clear as day. Plus the loud furious knocking on the door that is two feet away from mine, YES I CAN hear that thank you. So the next time you have a "problem" at 7:30 in the morning on a flippin' Saturday and carry on for half an hour, I just might have to yell out my window for you to SHUT UP. You don't even live here, go bother your own neighbors.
I hate you for not letting me sleep in,
Angry Mother Who NEVER Gets Sleep

P.S. I have a zit on my face, and although its probably poetic justice for picking my son's baby acne yesterday, I'm TOTALLY blaming you for that too.


  1. Living in a condo, I can so relate!

  2. What a punk. I think I would have thrown my poop at him like a monkey. I get mad enough at our neighbor's freaking dogs in the morning.

  3. that is criminal....waking you up like that when you NEED/WANT your sleep.
    get a paint ball gun......
    I remember about 2 years ago, our back yard neighbor got drunk and his wife locked him out of the house and Holy mamma mia...was he mad, yelling cursing......pretty entertaining, if it wasn't happening at about 3:00 a.m.
    I just watched..........was tempted to call the police
    just watched

  4. So funny... only problem with this story is how come your kids let you sleep in until 7:30????

  5. Ha! I think it's totally fair for you to blame him for the acne sitch. That crap is caused by stress, and he sooo caused you stress. That's the WORST when you have a chance to sleep in and someone ruins it. Now you have to find out where he lives and go do the same thing to him when he's trying to sleep. If he was yelling at 7:30am, I imagine he's like me and trying to sleep at 10pm when everyone else is wide awake, so that's probably a good time to show up outside his door yelling. Let me know how it goes.

  6. I've said it before and will utter it again, people suck.

  7. What a jack-leg......doesn't he realize he is profoundly hated and mocked throughout blogdom now??! That baby blankie is super cute.......stopping by from Tractors&Tiaras blog.....

  8. I agree with Daddy Geek Boy...people suck

  9. SEND THIS LETTER. I don't care to whom you send it, but it should be sent. It would be theraputic for you and everyone else.

    To quote my brother "Everybody is all jerks."


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