Monday, November 22, 2010

My Brain is Too Tired to Think of a Title

I'm feeling much better than I was last week. But instead of feeling depressed and hopeless, I feel anxious and overwhelmed. And mostly happy too. I've been laughing a lot more as well. Its nice.

The reason for the anxiousness and feeling overwhelmed is because did you guys realize that Thanksgiving is in three days?!?! And after that it'll be a blink of the eye and Christmas will be here! And I have about a million and fifty trillion things to get done from Thanksgiving to Christmas and it feels like it just snuck up on me and is pointing and laughing in my face now. And maybe kicked me in the ankle a couple times too.

Also, we're having a HUGE snow storm here right now. And by huge, I think we have like two inches. You see, when it snows in Washington it becomes a time to panic. To cancel school, to stay inside, to drive like a crazy person and freak out a lot, to write a million Facebook updates about it all. Its what you do. Picture people running around in circles, grabbing their faces and screaming WHY?!!? towards heaven. And cars sliding around and crashing into each other. And on the side lines, there's kids making snow angels, having snowball fights and building snowmen, laughing jollily and having the times of their lives. Also I think there's some explosions in there too.

So, tomorrow my daughter has no school and that would be fantastic if my husband didn't have to work either, but so far, he does. The best thing about a snow day, is sitting inside together all warm in blankets, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies. Or reading a book. I read three books this last week and I really want to read more but I can't get to the library because well, see the last paragraph.

I made a list today of all the things I need to get done. I feel less overwhelmed, but only a little. If I could get a car and a babysitter to watch my kids, THEN I'd be doing great. Also there's that weather thing, but what was I saying about that again?

I love the really, I do. How about you? How do you handle the stress, the packed schedule, the crowds and the gimme gimme's your kids throw at you?


  1. I didn't realize that Washington doesn't really get snow. I assume that even though it's further north that Utah it's at a lower elevation.


    Hee, hee. I would like to come and see that.

    I love you!

  3. 1) Um, it was literally 80 degrees here yesterday. Although a "cold front" is supposed to blow through on Thanksgiving day when the low will be 37.
    2) I'm glad you made a list. Lists are good for coping when you have lots to do.
    3) I cope by trying to do as much as possible as early as possible. That's why I did my Christmas tree yesterday, and I've done almost all my Christmas shopping online yesterday.
    4) Give yourself lots of breaks for deep breaths and chocolate.

  4. I think you and I are feeling pretty similar lately! Now that my kids are getting older the holiday stress isn't quite so bad. I don't feel like I have to do it all anymore and I don't feel guilty about it anymore either. I just do what I can and leave the rest and don't worry about it. If it doesn't get done - oh well - no one is going to die if I don't do it all, ya know? I've even gone so far as to turn ALL of my Christmas decorating over to the kids. ALL. OF. IT! I put our fake tree together and that's it! They do everything else and I'm ok with that and they love to do it! It helps my stress level LOADS! I've learned to get over the whole "it has to be perfect of nothing" attitude. We are all much happier too. I've even quit doing the Christmas baking thing. I give little lotions or mugs with hot chocolate kinds of things for my VT ladies, teachers, neighbors, etc. I've really learned to embrace the whole "Simplify" concept! :) (Sorry this is so long!) I'm glad you are feeling better. I keep thinking I need to get your phone number or something... I would love to talk to you in "real" time! :)

  5. You read 3 books on a week....HOW do you manage that. I am lucky if I get one or two read in a month. I KNOW I need to read more, as I really love books.........I don't get it??

    I love this time of year, but NOT the stress, the hurry, the "gotta do's".
    I will be keeping it very simple this year.
    very simple

    I will be sad...but will try harder to be mostly happy. There is much to be happy about.

    love you

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that description of the ensuing panic!!! I also love that you said "jollily". You're my favorite.

  7. I think that storm should be here in Utah in 3...2...1...

    Praying for a snow day tomorrow. This storm of which you speak better pack a nasty punch.

  8. When do you need that babysitter??


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