Friday, November 12, 2010

Surprise In a Diaper!

My baby is at the point now where he's mobile and whenever he finds something on the floor, it goes straight in his mouth. And because of this "eating everything he comes in contact with" every day is an adventure.

A treasure hunt of sorts.

Oh not for him--for ME. You see, every time I change one of his poopy diapers its a surprise of what I will find in there. For real. EVERY diaper.

Its mostly paper or stickers, thats the joy of having little girls who like to draw pictures all the time. They leave pieces of things left on the floor that the baby will find. Oh, he will find them.

It makes me crazy, I am constantly picking up and yelling at the kids to keep stuff off the floor. But inevitably someone forgets or the baby finds some secret hiding spot and there it is, evidenced in the poop.

He'll have a strong stomach right? Like you would need to read this post?

And that is my life right now. Crazy cleaning and poop diapers. Yay for me.


  1. I have forgotten about those days! Ha ha... with 2 boys you would think I wouldn't forget. But I guess I must be getting old or I haven't had to change a diaper in a REALLY long time! lol... You should wash everything off and save it in a jar to show him when he's bigger! :) Well - maybe not... that would be pretty gross, huh?

  2. I have nothing to add... but I laughed so hard! I've never found anything weird in a diaper.

  3. I haven't found anything IN the poop yet. I just keep finding crazy poop. Orange, green. I never know what to expect. Yay.

  4. Was it your FB status in which I commented on the hot pink fake fingernails in a diaper? And it was my nephew's diaper. Once I became a mom, the hot pink fake fingernails were no longer part of my life. : )

  5. I am laughing with you! Oh who am I kidding?! I'm laughing at you!

  6. Well, at least he hasn't found the diaper genie yet.

  7. That's why three and four were playpen babies. Playpens are the lost art of young mothers, right up there with canning and wall papering.

  8. My all-time favorite find was the cute little playskool flowers from my MIL's doll house. We cleaned them in rubbing alcohol and mailed them home. (No. We did not tell her.)


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