Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In 2008 my mom and sister were in a car accident. An older woman pulled out in front of them and hit them head on. My mom received three torn discs in her back, which won't heal even though she's done everything her doctor's said and is a very health conscious person, like the perfect patient. The woman's insurance refused to pay for anything.

You see, that insurance company is Allstate.

If you don't know anything about insurance companies, there are a few you REALLY don't want to have, the worst being Allstate, and others like Nationwide, State Farm and AIG.

If you read up on any of these companies you would be appalled. Despite the fact that its what their company is paid to do, they will do anything not to help when its needed. They want to pay NOTHING out, they want to keep all the money.

My mom wouldn't accept that, so she pushed the issue and they sent her to arbitration. The arbitrator said he would award my mom the highest amount he could ($50,000) and would give her more if he could. Of course, Allstate wouldn't accept that, so they took it to court.

Here's the thing, while in court, no one can say anything about Allstate or the arbitration. They made it look like my mom was suing the little old lady that hit her. Who was a police officer. Yeah. They also had their doctor do an "exam" (where he ignored what my mom said, didn't even look at her MRI and basically didn't do a dang thing), even though my mom had FIVE doctors saying what she had, this guy came in, lied and the jury believed him. What have we come to in America? Where our courts protect the wrong and make the people out to be liars. The doctor they used was kicked out of another state for malpractice, works for L&I and was being sued from a previous case for making an injury out to be less than it was, but none of that was allowed to be said in court. WHY? The lawyer for Allstate lied his freaking head off and then had the nerve to go up to my mom and say "No hard feelings huh?" afterward. I don't know how people sleep at night.

And my mom, who is the most honest person I know was called a liar and irresponsible and ripped to pieces. And now has thousands of dollars of court fees, besides the medical fees she'll have for the rest of her life. Its sickening.

You should know: don't support Allstate--they will NOT support you. Think about it, if you bought a shirt from a store, but they refused to actually give you the shirt, would you sit back and be okay with it? I don't understand how an insurance company can refuse to do their job and then be PROTECTED in court about it.

Okay, I think I got some of it out, but I'm still so mad about it. Its just wrong.

Now I think there was something about Paris in the title? I know, that was way tricky. But 'Oh Happy Day' is having a contest to win a trip for two to Paris. Amazing. If I won, I would take my mom. :)


  1. Oh, yikes! I have Bear River Mutual. I haven't had any issues other than home owners stuff, and they were awesome.

  2. Wait I thought that "you're in good hands"?! So that's not true? Next thing you will tell me that there's no Geiko Gecko.

    Interested in what insurance company you use? I think we actually have Allstate for our home insurance but Bear River for our cars. Hm, now feeling guilty about having Allstate.

  3. Cheeseboy, there's a book about Allstate called "From good hands to boxing gloves." That isn't a play on words, that is straight from Allstate's policy that they teach to their people. You should feel very very guilty! :)

  4. Oh sorry, I forgot. We have Progressive. :)

  5. Oh my gosh!! I am so mad on your mom's behalf! Stories like these are what makes me what to be a wandering hippie, free from the all stupid bureaucracies and manipulative governments. Argh! The injustice of it all is so infuriating! My grandpa used to tell me to "take the red tape and run with it". Sometimes all we can do it not enough, though.

  6. Well,that just positively sucks. There is so much wrong yet with the legal system, because of people like Alstate....dishonest people, maniuplating people.
    As you know, I worked in the court system for 12 years. I had a discussion with the Judge I worked for because I was so frustrated with the way a case turned out. He said "the American court system is not perfect, but it is the best we have for now.".
    I remember also, swearing in witnesses....and truly there were times when they "swore to tell the truth", that I'd be looking into their eyes and wanting to scream...LIKE HELL you will.
    You mom does deserve a trip to Paris.

  7. I am so, so sorry that happened. That is horrible. Just disgusting really. I hope she gets justice eventually. I really do.

  8. Is there any way you could share this story with problem solvers - for example Komo 4? Sometimes a huge public viewing of what happened gets different results... I don't know. I'm so sorry about your mom. And while this doesn't offer comfort now, their time will come. Ya know?

  9. Oh, Wow! I had a friend who had a problem with All State too. These insurance companies know they're in the wrong, but they have the money, the time, the lawyers to tie up the courts and they know that the defendants will eventually give up because of court fees. I'll spread the message and hope that one day you can take your mom to Paris!

  10. Michelle your friend that can't post from googleJune 10, 2011 at 8:56 PM

    Holy freaking crap, I'm seriously fuming right now. And I have Allstate! I guess I need to rethink that.

    My brother was in a serious wreck a year and a half ago and I got him connected with an attorney in my ward that used to be our bishop (sweetest most gentle kind man in the world). He's been doing injury case for his whole career and he told us that the worst insurance is Farmers. He told us that although its illegal, they have a written training policy that they DO NOT pay claims. So go ahead and add Farmer's Insurance to your list of dishonest insurance companies.


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