Sunday, July 24, 2011

You Are What You...Hate?

Does it ever hit you that you're one of those people that does the things you hate about other people?

Do you know what I mean? You're like "I HATE it when people gossip!!" but don't realize how much you gossip yourself? Or you think, "People should really pray and read the scriptures every night!" except for the fact that you don't actually do it yourself. You think you do, but not really.

When my husband was gone last year, all of a sudden I was in charge of ALL the money. I hadn't had to pay tithing in a long time, since my husband always took care of it. Then there was the fact that we didn't start getting any income at all for almost two months (that was fun) so I guess it slipped my mind when the money started coming in. Then I had a conversation with someone about someone not paying tithing who said they were, and I was like "That is SO WRONG!!....wait a second...I HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING TITHING!!!" It wasn't a conscious thing, I just didn't realize I hadn't been doing it.

I got super sunburned yesterday and the day before. I hate chronic sunburners', like seriously, learn to put some sun screen on. It makes me crazy. And here I sit, burnt to a crisp because I didn't have sun screen to put on (the first day) and didn't put extra sun screen on my neck and face (just my arms) the next day. Stupid.

My husband's out of town this week, in Washington DC again. I let it sneak up on me and didn't actually prepare for him being gone, its like my brain is seriously not functioning--even worse than usual. Scary thought. I mean it would be a scary thought if my brain could think. But it can't process anything right now. I blame too much Mountain Dew. "Don't do it kids--it'll melt your brain!!" (Thats a quote by me.)

I'm lazy, and I don't like it. I would do something about it, but I'm too lazy to. And thats the honest truth.

I hate lazy people.


  1. I guess we're all hypocrites at heart!

  2. To give yourself some credit - doesn't it rain there like 345 days out of the year? :)

    I never think about sunscreen either when summer first starts because we aren't in the habit of putting it on. I'm a bad mom - I buy sunscreen, but never use it or make my kids use it. Then they get mad at me when they get sunburned because I didn't tell them to put it on. But they are teenagers - I won't tell them anymore. They are old enough to do it themselves so it's their own fault! Sorry - I'm rambling. Again.

    I hope your sunburn feels better soon. Sunburns are the worst!

  3. So funny. I think we all do this.

    I got a lot of riff for an old post I wrote about detesting. It was supposed to be a little satirical but I really detested it when I was told that I was a hypocrite because I did some to of those things too.


    Oh, and we are still playing tithing catch up from our most recent move. Gotta get it done by the end of the year. I can't believe people don't pay a full tithing...oh yeah, I still have $400 in catch up. Doh.

  4. Ah, as a former Finance Clerk, people forget to pay tithing all the time. You wouldn't believe how many people forget during the year and then at tithing settlement they have to switch funds around and give you a giant check.

    Good luck with that sunburn.

  5. I hate hypocrites.

    Enter ME. I'm a self-proclaimed hypocrite about everything, including the sunscreen thing (you should SEE my kids) and laziness. I don't even REMEMBER the last time I worked out.

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  7. Do you think that if I said I hate skinny people with nice hair that I would become one?

  8. ... or how about "Who would ever waste your time blogging to people you don't know" and then of course we turn around and THAT's WHAT WE DO???? Very weird - I hope they invent a pill to cure this condition. W.C.C.

  9. My mother has been warning me about this since I was seven.


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