Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Blues

I sent two of my kids off to school today. My oldest loves school, she's excited for school, she's responsible and I'm not worried about her at all. My #2 is starting Kindergarden and I AM FREAKING OUT.

You have to understand a couple things about her. First of all, she's tiny. And I mean seriously TINY. Like my three year old is bigger than her, like she's almost six and can seriously wear 3T clothes on her skinny butt. It makes me nervous that she'll be picked on. Plus its just heartbreaking to see her tiny little body sitting at that big table all alone...(control yourself woman!) Secondly, she's super quiet. She has a tiny little voice and when she's upset she curls in a tiny little ball and quietly weeps to herself. WEEPS! I just can't stand the thought of her being upset and crying in the corner where the teacher won't notice. Ugh. Also, the girl is sort of in la-la land, she is creative and funny and just does her own thing, which I love--but it might not translate so well sometimes. I'm so afraid she's going to be lost in there.

Now for the non-negative part:

The other day we went to the park, within minutes she was wrapped up in a blanket with two other little girls. She makes friends easily and she's not worried about dumb stuff. She doesn't usually let things bother her (because she's in la-la land...), so I'm hoping she'll just be kind of go with the flow-ish. She's sweet and cute and loves to do art and wants to write and read, so I'm SURE she'll have a great time.

Its just the not knowing thats making me crazy.

I may have hurried out to the car trying to hold back tears and then cried like a baby before I got home. And I HATE it when people get all emotional for the first day of school, so once again karma has come back to bite me...

See how my one year old comes up to her chest? Yeah.


  1. It's so hard to send our little ones off sometimes. I think that if she is as sweet as she looks, she'll come home and have 5 new friends. I mean, come on - who WOULDN'T want to be her friend?! Right? Right!!! Hang in there!

  2. They're all super cute. And she'll love school and the friends she makes there and the whole thing will be harder on you than her!

  3. My 1st grader can still wear 3Ts too, so I can totally relate to your fears. Plus, from your description, he is a lot like her. My 4 year old started VPK this year for 3 hours a day, and yet I'm still more worried about the 1st grader, who is in his third year of school (VPK, K,and now first). Good Luck, I'm sure she'll be fine.

  4. I should have added that on his first day of VPK they tried to send him to the daycare room. I was worried that on his first day of school, they were going to try to send him to a K classroom as a good portion of the Ks are bigger and taller than he is.

  5. Tegan is JUST LIKE her! Melzie, I'm not just saying this, but YESTERDAY he cried all the way to the bus stop (silently, because his voice is almost inaudible) because I told him I didn't hear what he'd said.

    He is SO WELL ADJUSTED at school, though. He's a kind friend who cares about others and he is a WHIZ at math and art even though reading, language arts, and science have him falling asleep and weeping at home.

    She'll be fine. She'll be so happy there!

  6. She is an itty bitty thing, but I am sure she'll be fine and make a BIG IMPACT with her class.
    It is hard on us mom's to let our kids "go".
    Doesn't really get much easier as they approach all the new things they have to experience yet.
    big hug
    It'll be ok

  7. I'm sure she had a great day, but I have noticed that it is always the smallest one that pack the most SPUNK!


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