Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Dude. It isn't even 11am and I am ready for this day to be over.

Our school district is striking, today is the first day of no school. So of course I want to sleep in. Do the kids get the memo? Of course not.

I'm laying in bed, and my one year old climbs up to me, and promptly throws his tiny bowling ball hard head right into my closed eye. There was a flash of light, I'm surprised I didn't have a vision or something.

I decide to kick him out and stay in bed and read to recover. He comes up again and promptly throws one of those hard cardboard baby books. RIGHT AT THAT SAME FREAKING EYE. I have a big old lump there and it hurts to blink. I've never had a black eye before, we'll see if my very first is caused by a one year old baby. Kristina, maybe you are right.

I decide to go downstairs in an attempt to not be mauled anymore. The kids are fighting, they are screaming. Besides being tired, hurt, annoyed and frustrated, Aunt Flo came to visit yesterday, so I'm also an evil witch.

Then the phone rings. Its the dentist office, wondering if we're going to make our appointment that started 10 minutes before. Uhhhhhh, I thought it was tomorrow. I had to have told her "I am so sorry!!" fifteen times and she never once said it was okay, she was mad at me. I feel like crap.

I'm cramping. My face hurts. My kids are being crazy, wild animals. One of my children screams at least every two minutes on cue. Someone please make it stop...


  1. I SO had this day last week. Except no aunt Flo and I broke out like a 14 year old boy instead. And I hated the whole world and blamed them for everything.

    I highly recommend mass quantities of caffeine, naps for the kids, and threats of daycare. :) Good luck!

  2. What a crappy day! I think you need large quantities of chocolate. You need a box of Zingers. They have the best chocolate value for anything else! :) I should know... I ate TWO boxes by myself two weeks ago!

    If nothing else, I give you permission to lay in bed the rest of the day and feed your kids cold cereal for dinner. That's what I would do! Seriously!

    I hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Ha! I love seeing "Kristina is right" in a post. People will soon come to my killer baby side.

  4. Kristina's comment kills me........so funny.
    YUP....sounds like a NOT GOOD CRAPPY DAY for sure.
    I want a picture of your black eye (if it develops into one)
    One great thing about MY AGE....Aunt Flo is no Mo

  5. Your school district is very inconsiderate.

  6. Ugh! I am sorry. I got nuthin' to offer on how to make it better. I just hope you survived!

  7. Hate days like that! Love you blog though, I am your newest stalker!


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