Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Like Wasting Time Apparently

So its happened. I must have been super bored or my blood sugar was low or something but I decided to join...

If you're on pinterest, you totally know what happened. If you're not you'll think this is totally dumb.

So for those of you WEIRDO's who've never even heard of pinterest, let me try to explain it simply. Have you ever been browsing blogs and come across a great tutorial or idea that you loved and wanted to bookmark for future reference? I don't usually bookmark sites, so I would normally email myself the link and hope I'd remember about it when I actually needed to use it. Well, with pinterest when you find that great idea, you "pin" it to a "board" about whatever interest you have and its all in one place for you. So lets say I have a board about cake decorating (which I dooo), if I come across a cake I like the style of or whatnot, I can pin it and find it super easy for future reference.

Now past the simple part, you also get to see what all your friends are pinning, so thats super fun and good for more ideas. PLUS you get to see what EVERYONE IN THE WORLD is pinning so even MORE fun. PLUS (yes theres more!) if you want specific ideas for specific things--like last night I was looking up "halloween food" for a party--you can type a search in for that and get thousands of ideas. Its awesome.

Also, its addicting.

All of a sudden not only do you want to pin ideas-- you want to SEARCH for more and more things to pin because its fun and its cute and people like what you pin and you feel super validated when someone sees your pin and RE-pins it because they like it too. Its like the cool kids group for craftiness or something.

I don't know if this is a post telling you to join pinterest or warning you of its evils...I'll leave that up to you! :)


  1. I kept thinking it was dumb and I didn't want to do it because "everyone was doing it!"... haha... but then my sister (the one who makes me always do everything I'm rebelling against trying) made me sign up last week too. Now I totally see what all the hype was about! It's awful! So yeah... I'm a follower and I gave into peer pressure. Now I'm an addict too. I'm always gonna say everything I'm addicted to is my sister's fault! haha... Is there such a thing as PA (pinterest's anonymous)?

    I love all the stuff you pin, btw. I totally love your style! :)

  2. I am on. And have managed to avoid the lure by posting one picture of a house, and another picture of The Hoff. Yet, I still manage to have people following me, whatever that means.

  3. I guess I'm one of the weirdo's, because I had never heard of pinterest before reading this post. But now........I think I'm going to go sign up! It sounds awesome. (I've been using my Etsy favorites to "bookmark" craft ideas and stuff I like. This almost sounds like a better idea!)

  4. Ummm, this just happened to me LAST NIGHT. I finally got it. I'm using it to pin ideas for my big condo renovation that I hope to be able to do in about 2 years when my car gets paid off. So excited, but yes, big time suck.

  5. just called me a WIERDO.
    that's ok, cause I had no idea what pinterest was.

  6. I just signed up.

    Dun, dun, DUN...

  7. Dammit, Melinda. I think this is the post that has finally pushed me into the arms of Pinterest. I bet my husband is going to be SO MAD at you.

  8. Love pinterest! And I am seriously considering pinning one of your above photos with a caption that says...short hair, embrace your inner lesbian. LOL

  9. Pinterest: a big, beautiful vacuum of time. Yep, gotta love it. Although it can at least result in some great projects, whereas other sorts of similar sites (yes, I'm talking about you, Facebook) do not. And amen, to the validation factor. Who doesn't want that. And I'm pretty sure there are very few husbands out there who would get all excited about the super cute cupcakes with doll arms sticking out that I found and repinned.


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