Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Swass and All That Too

So this week on Blossoming Bloggers, there's a recipe for fish tacos and the prompt is:

"Tell about one of your favorite dates you have ever been on."

Hmmmm. Favorite date huh...honestly, I got married right out of high school. Like five months after high school, and I was engaged those five months, so those kind of dates aren't real...datey; mostly just making out...heh heh...yeah...

Before I met my husband, all my other dates were in high school and you know thats not the same as dating as an adult. Not that the dates I went on then were BAD, they just were lame high school dates. :)

When my husband and I were dating, they were good dates, but pretty normal: dinner, movie, putt-putt golfing, baseball game...and then we were engaged...haha

This is the only story I can think of to tell you:

For my husband's thirtieth birthday we decided to invite some friends and go play lazer tag. We were super excited about it because...well, because lazer tag is freaking awesome, thats why. So we get there and get all geared up and ready to play, I'm pretty sure we played guys against girls. We're in the arena, its dark, the black lights are going and we are running around all crazy ninja style trying to be awesome and get the most points and MUTILATE the boys. We played several games until we were so hot and sweaty and exhausted we were done.

We go back and hang up our vests and guns and I turn around and look at my dear sweet husband. He has sweat lines all down his back, across his chest and under his moobs (man boobs). I looked at him and all I could say was, "You're really lucky this isn't a first date, because I'm not sure I would have gone out with you again..." and busted up laughing.

So there, not only do you get a fun story, there's some sound advice for dating:

Don't do a physically sweaty date for a few weeks, until you're sure they REALLY like you. And it helps if you have a few kids together already... :)


  1. Lol that is good advice. I mentioned a lazer tag date too- it is so much fun, minus the sweaty part :)

  2. I had a fun laser tag date with my hubby, where I kicked his butt!

  3. Also, don't order spaghetti. Why did I ALWAYS order spaghetti? Most awkward food to eat in front of someone EVER.

    Funny sweaty story!

  4. PS I just remembered THEE FUNNIEST Laser Tag story. My friend and her husband were out with some of their friends and all of the sudden she catches her husband in the blacklight...and his ENTIRE crotch-area is speckled with white flecks. I mean, it was BAD. She was so embarrassed until she realized that their BABY had barfed all over his lap right before they left on their date and that is why it was all glow-in-the-darky. But it sounded HILARIOUS.

    The End. And you're welcome.

  5. I have much better dating nightmare stories than dating fun stories! LOL! Of course, it seems like such a long time ago, I'm not sure I can remember it! My spouse could tell a good dating horror story about me though. We hiked to a waterfall in the dark (we drove 5 hours to get there!)because of me. He was so mad but he clearly didn't learn anything as he kept dating me! LOL!

  6. ha ha...that explains precisely why maybe "married dates" are the Best ever.
    no restrictions
    and hey, You can "put out" afterwards (tee,hee)


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