Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sometimes This Happens With Short Hair

Just realized how much I look lesbian-ish today...

...don't ask how my posing reflects that, that part is just because I'm weird.


  1. Snort! The posiing is great and you're adorable- even if you are a lesbian! I kid,(but just about the lesbian part).

  2. But you look like a lipstick lesbian, so that's cool.

  3. You crack me up... my sister always tells me I look like a lesbian when my hair is short!

  4. lesbian-ish

    ha ha ha..I SO WANT YOU RIGHT NOW. (j/k)
    I actually LOVE you in short hair. It really suits you.
    IF..I could have short hair, I'd do it, as it seems so much easier.
    love that pose...you are a "don't mess with me" kinda "lesbian-ish" kinda gal. (tee.hee)

  5. Fun blog Melinda. Lesbian or not. Just teasing!


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