Saturday, January 7, 2012

Adventures in... What Was That Word Again?

When you can't sleep at night, a lot of things go through your mind:


2. Then you might get your ipod and look at every single Facebook status update and read each comment and look at every picture you can possibly find.

3. Sure that was boring, but not enough to put you to sleep.

4. You *think* about going downstairs and getting on the computer but no matter how bored you are, there isn't any way you would go sit in the freezing, scary downstairs where a murderer is probably waiting for you.

5. Whats that word for when you can't sleep?? Narcotic...omnipotent...aahh...ihhh something?

6. Did we have something garlicky for dinner? Why does my stomach feel so upset?!

7. Pass gas.

8. Oh yeah, we had CHILI for dinner. Duh.

9. Realize you are an idiot for staying up past midnight every night for the last two weeks. You'd think that it would make it easy to fall asleep earlier than normal since you've been exhausted. But no. Your body's all "Ha ha! Its not midnight yet, you can't sleep!!"

10. You check the clock every couple minutes. Nope, not asleep yet.

11. "I'm sexy and I know it..." replays over and over in your head.

12. Impotent...Armania...incontinence...

13. Start to finally doze.

14. Your husband rolls over and throws his big fat, heavy, hairy, fat arm on your back and startles you back awake.

15. Curse the day you ever got married.

16. Armoire? Insipid? Start to doze again.

16. Your baby wakes up crying.

17. Curse the day you ever had children.

18. Get baby and bring them back to your bed, hoping to get some sleep.

19. Baby coughs in your face every few minutes.

20. Punch yourself in the face so you can finally sleep.

21. Oh yeah: Insomnia!


  1. Well...I'd say it's called Menopause, but you are way to young for that. See what you have to look forward to....LOTS more insomnia.

    I had sometime tell me to count from 100 BACKWARDS...and if you aren't asleep, do it again. She swears by it.
    I can't concentrate on the numbers,when my brain is a roller coaster of other thoughts.

    guess you'll have to take naps..........can you??
    oh wait, your a mom, what was I thinking.
    Curse those kiddies.

  2. Maybe you should look into heroin, to help you sleep.

  3. Thanks for blogging! I love reading your blog. I love that it is funny. And real. I also read through some of your last posts and just wanted to let you know how much I love your short hair!

  4. Snort! I'm reading this at 11:15 pm. Not midnight yet, can't even attempt bed! LOL! Get Melatonin- that usually helps me shut the brain down enough to fall asleep. Usually. Loved this post!

  5. Found you through my good friend Wendy. So, I've been reading... yes way too young for menopause. About the insomnia. I've had it for 7 yrs. now. I think I was always a light sleeper, but it's totally out of control now.
    YES, try the EXTRA STRENGTH Melatonin. I live in Canada, so can't get the super duper stuff like you guys. Get the ones that resolve under your tongue. You can't overdose, lol....too bad, lol. See what kids do to you? If that fails, grab a very boring book. You'll be asleep in no time.
    You have a funny blog. I see why Wendy likes you ; )


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