Monday, January 23, 2012

Life Problems

I was at the beauty supply store Saturday evening, like most stores they play music for everyone to hear. I was browsing the hair color when "Another One Bites the Dust" came on. I was most likely singing along.

Just around the corner from me a couple of the gals who work there were trying to figure out who sings the song.

"Is it Michael Jackson?"

"No, I don't think its Michael Jackson."

The words promptly burst from my mouth: "ITS QUEEN."

"Oh yeah, its Queen."

"Yeah I didn't think it sounded anything like Michael Jackson...blah blah blah...I'm an idiot." (I may have added that last bit. Maybe.)

I mean, I knew our country was bad off but I didn't know it was THAT bad! I just don't know if I can live in a world where people don't appreciate Queen...    *sob*


  1. Do they not attend any baseball games?

  2. Amen! There is hope- my kids know whole chunks of Bohemian Rhapsody!

  3. husband doesn't appreciate Queen. Very sad. Although, I think most of the time, he only says that. Because he does sing along with a lot of their songs. He also says he doesn't know any Beatles songs, but then he sings them all. the. time. And when I tell him, "Hey, you know that's a Beatles song?" He says, "Oh, yeah. It's the only one I know." ...(Well, then...what about all the other times I've caught you singing their songs!?!?!?) lol

  4. that's funny. I was playing a "music game" with my kids over Christmas. You get a word and have to come up with a song that has the word In It. It was hysterical.
    My kids accused me of Knowing Songs from the "olden days" that they didn't know, and so how were they even going to tell me I wasn't making it up.
    but I know Queen

  5. Just gave you an award on my blog. :)

  6. I'll bet MJ and Freddie Mercury would have been good friends though!

  7. Oohh, bad news for humanity. I was listening to ' My Bicycle' yesterday. Fun!

  8. Adam Lambert is their new lead singer. And no, I'm totally not kidding. I'm sobbing.


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