Monday, August 27, 2012

In Which I Shamelessly Beg

So I LOVE craft blogs, and probably the one craft blog that I really connect with as far as style and projects and usefulness, would be Vintage Revivals. I've pinned, I've made plans, I've been ready to decorate my house for the last 11 years. The problem? Well, we haven't owned a house since we've been married. For about five years we lived in my husband's grandpa's house, and we could paint and stuff, but we were super poor so...yeah.

So I died last year when Mandi did her Epic Room Makeover--the results were so awesome, and I pretty much loved the entire thing. And now, guess what? She's doing it again!!

And you know what the even better news is???

WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE THIS WEEK!!! We're scheduled for closing on thursday and moving in this weekend!

The sad part is because of the timing and extra expenses that have come up (septic pumping, a whole new freaking roof, etc.) we don't have a lot of extra money to do all the fun projects I wanted to (especially the flooring, gosh dang I wanted to get rid of that carpet...), and we'll probably have to wait awhile before we can really do anything. (This sucks BAD, by the way.)

Have you ever wanted something SO BAD and had to wait ELEVEN YEARS for it?! If you have, then you know how hard that is. If you haven't had to wait eleven years for something, than go say a little prayer and be thankful for how lucky you are. ;)

Anyway, Mandi's doing another Epic Room Makeover, and this time I can actually apply for it! How freaking cool would that be?!

So here's some pictures of our house so you can see:
(the room I would makeover---oh gosh, so hard to choose!!--would be the living room)

These are the MLS listing pictures:

This third picture, in the left hand corner, thats the front door. So there's a bay window--thats fun right?!--and old gray berber carpet--not so fun I know--and high ceilings and plain white walls.

Of course, right now its empty. BUT I do have this great couch that will go in there:

Okay, I know this is a crappy picture, but I'm in the midst of packing and I'm lazy. (Yes, thats a two year old sleeping on the other couch.)

Oh and I just dyed a slipcover the other day a light turquoise for a chair, so it shows I can do decoratey things too! :)

Here is where I plead my case, and look as pathetic as possible:

I have spent the last week and a half packing my brains out--with no help from my husband because...well, he's dumb--I'm tired, I'm stressed, I got in a big fight with my husband last night and hardly slept at all. Feel sorry for me. I have four kids and my husband's in the military, I had my fourth baby alone (except my sister was there...and you know, the doctor) because my husband was at basic training, my kids are crazy, I'm sort of crazy. I don't even have an iphone. Am I laying this on too thick?

Okay, other reasons why it would be awesome if I was chosen:

I'm hilarious--right?! I'm super fun to be around. I don't work outside the home and I'm a night owl so I can work as late as we need to (just don't ask me to get up early...). I love thrifting, I hate spending money, I am ALL about do-it-yourself. We would have SO MUCH FUN!! Also, I live in Washington, which isn't too far from Utah and did you know that Washington is BEAUTIFUL?! Plus I would take you to the Space Needle if you wanted. Or to the mountains, whatever blows your hair back! Ummmm, what else....I definitely don't want the same look as everyone else, I like unique, I like fun, I HATE matched couch sets. I'm really good at painting--both walls and pictures. I have a really nice camera. I have a mac and a wii. Whats your favorite movie--I bet I have it! I REALLY WANT THIS.

Okay, pray for me friends.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Memories Can Be Confusing

Do you ever watch a movie you LOVED as a kid, but as an adult you think to yourself:

"That is not AT ALL how I remember this movie..."

My husband and I watched 'Forever Young' the other night. Ya know, with Mel Gibson--who I have to say, was very handsome--anyway, I remember we loved that movie when I was a kid; and my husband couldn't really remember what it was about, so I made him watch it.

But you know what? I remember thinking it was such a great movie before, and by the end of the movie, I was like, "that was really, really depressing."

I mean, the man's sweetheart gets in a car accident and is in a coma. He is so overcome with grief he decides he needs to cryogenically freeze himself until/unless she wakes up. Well, the guy who's supposed to be in charge of it dies just a few months in--and THEY FORGET ABOUT HIM. He's basically stuck in a warehouse for 50 years. And THEN when he DOES wake up, he finds out that the girl he loved woke up from the coma, got married and lived a nice happy life--without him. And now he's aged 50 years in three days. But hey, they can be together NOW. You know, for a year or something before they both die. They could've lived their entire lives together, but NO. No big deal.

So yeah, sort of weird.

Other movies that are different from my childhood memories:


~Dirty Dancing

~Space Balls

~The Legend


~Crocodile Dundee


...okay, pretty much most movies I watched as a kid...

What about you? That ever happen to you?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finding Balance

I know last post I wrote, I said I wasn't going to read comments anymore and then I just went and did the exact opposite. I'm a bad person.

I keep telling myself that I'm easing out of this slowly, that I'm not a cold turkey kind of person. But the thing is: I sort of AM a cold turkey kind of person.

Whenever I've struggled with something in the past, let's say a tv show for example (something easy), I'll just not allow myself to watch that show at all anymore, I will even try to stay away from that whole tv channel if it helps. I can't just watch every once in awhile or take a break and come back to it, I have to STOP and never watch it ever again.

I think I've explained this before, but I have a sort of obsessive personality. When I do something--anything really--I am super focused on it for until...I don't know, I can obsess over something else. It makes life difficult sometimes.

But this is my problem: I don't want to quit my computer time cold turkey. I want to learn how to moderate my time on it, I want to be able to see its been long enough and to go do something else already! How do I learn this? I don't know, but I'm trying. And by trying, I mean, I really suck at this. But I AM trying, even if to others it doesn't look like a very good effort. (Tell that to my husband, please.) ;)

I'm also really hoping for a big change to happen in our lives very soon and maybe that will be like a kickstart for changing my schedule, plus school will start soon; all that HAS to help right?? Kind of like when you do a detox or whatever to kickstart losing weight. I don't know what that means, but it relates  I think.

Okay then, my computer time is over... (see progress!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have on my Angry Eyes

Oh my goodness guys I'm feeling so ranty!! I don't know whats gotten into me lately but the normal filter I usually have is cracked or something.

Why is it so hard to see a comment on a news article or on YouTube or Facebook or WHATEVER and just let it go? It doesn't really matter, if I comment its probably not going to change a dang thing or anybody's opinion and YET it is so hard to walk away from! I don't want to argue with people, its just maddening not to share an opinion when you feel you have something to say. (Thats right and they're dumb.) ;)

I usually try really hard not to comment on things. I might type up the comment and then delete it. I might spend a lot of time writing up what I would say. But usually I'll just delete it because halfway through I feel like its just not worth getting sucked into.

BUT every once in awhile I do it. I type up a comment. I hit post. And then my hands go numb. And my arms start shaking. And I start obsessing. I can't stop thinking about it. Is someone going to reply?! Are they going to be horrible to me?! When should I check for replies?! Oh man do I get worked up!

Is it not ridiculous that I get that much anxiety over this?! The person isn't even standing in the same room as me. I'm alone. And yet here I am, heart beating fast, getting all worked up like someone's about to hit me.

So silly.

Because of this, I've been trying really hard not to read comments anymore. Have you guys noticed how bad comments have become?! You can't click open a picture of a kitty cat playing with yarn on Facebook without almost every comment on there being negative. Its crazy!!

I'm really getting tired of it--and yet, its hard to look away. I go in all innocent and then there I am, sucked into the comments. AGAIN. How do I stop this?

I think the answer is to stay away. Its tough since I LOVE social media, but is it worth all this anxiety and negativity? I really don't think so. I need to be more disciplined. I need more will power. Mostly I need some energy to do something else than veg in front of my computer screen. I need to get out of my house. I need a change.

I haven't been on here in forever. I've been having ups and downs feeling like I'm in control of my computer time. I was doing good, now I'm feeling not so much. :/ I am vowing here on out to get control of my schedule. No more of wasting my time feeling crazy and upset and angry over what perfect strangers are saying and doing--especially when I have plenty of real life people in front of me to do that. ;)

Cross my heart. Wish me luck.