Monday, June 7, 2010

Dream Package Awesomeness

Okay, the time has come again for me to share with you another Dream Package. This is the last big package since we've sent to everyone now, but we're still planning on doing fun other things every month too, I love these ladies.

This month I sent to Michelle, and Sheryl sent to me. Our theme was to do handmade stuff and I really loved it! I always like to have an excuse to get crafty and make stuff, so it was a lot of fun. Its funny, we were saying how much we love making stuff for each other that we forget we're even getting a package ourself; so its especially fun to realize that you're getting something too! :)

Sheryl sent me this ridiculously huge box. When I got it I was like "holey moley!"

Then when I took off the paper I was like, "look she handmade me a beverage dispenser!! WOW!" haha Just kidding :)

I adore this tote bag Sheryl added the flowers too, is that not so adorable?! I will be using it a TON!

These are like cake plates/cupcake stands, she said she didn't want to glue them together because she wasn't sure how they'd handle shipping, but I like them apart too. We'll see if I end up glueing them or not! But seriously, SO CUTE!

I've already worn this headband to church. I LOVE IT. I'm trying to grow my hair out and its perfect, now I just have to keep it away from my little girls! :)

And she made me these caramels, can I say YUM?!

And a perfectly pretty card, I'm always jealous of people who can make cards. I used to try to homemake cards and I would have the best ideas in my head and when I'd try to make them...BLAH. They'd be so ugly. This card is perfect.

And there it is, awesomeness on my kitchen counter. :)

I just hope everyone can find friends that make them feel this good. I feel so lucky!


  1. I'm with Kristina...How do I get in on this? I love packages in the mail! And I love an excuse to put together something crafty!

  2. I want to see a pic of you wearing the headband!

  3. Wow! How perfect for summer! It looks we all want to join your clique!

  4. Ohhhhh! I'm so glad you liked everything...I had such a great time making it and learning new stuff! Confession: You were supposed to have like 12 of those cards but I ran out of time. Next time?! Or we'll do it in PERSON, together!

    Love you Mel, and hope this made you feel happy on your loooooong wait to see your hubby. Can you believe he'll be here any second? (Feels like it anyway...)

  5. This stuff turned out so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. SO summery and bright.

    I've loved our packages and I can't WAIT to start our new fun stuff. HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!

  6. I LOVE IT LOVE IT! So cute :) I wanna see a pic with you wearing that headband. AND OH MY GOODNESS caramels are like the best thing in the world!

    can't wait to start our new project :)

  7. Wow. They're all so great. Have a good day...:)

  8. Neat friends and neat stuff. I want to see a photo of you with the headband on.

  9. What a fun idea. I'm gonna have to think on this and come up with something equally inexpensive and special to do with some of my girlfriends. But I'm not crafty like that, so it's gonna take a lot of thinkin...


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