Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stuffedy Stuff Stuff

It has been FOREVER since I last posted! Man oh man! Don't think I've forgotten about you guys because I've been trying real hard to keep reading and sort of commenting if I can, sort of. Have you forgotten about me?! I'm that chick who complains a lot and doesn't usually make much sense. Remember now? Okay, goody!

I haven't necessarily been super busy, but more like just not inside. The nice summer weather finally hit here and we're trying to soak it up. Doing things like this:

But honestly, the other reason I haven't been on here much is because: my husband's here. All the time. And its weird.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining he's home, I'm SO HAPPY; its just weird because we don't get a break from each other very often. Think about if your husband was home every day for two weeks straight, you'd be going a little nutso right? Also, he's messy. Just thought I'd throw that in there. So either he's on the computer filling out applications (because the man NEEDS to get a job pronto!), or we're out turning paperwork in or getting stuff done, so I haven't had a lot of chances to blog. It feels very sneaky when I'm on here. Which could be fun maybe, except its not. At all. Don't think it is, because it isn't. I promise.

So anyway, I sit here with a baby about ready to eat, a two year old clinging to my arm and my two oldest fighting upstairs and slamming doors. Because I care about you guys, and blogging. I neglect my children for YOU. I mean really, I do it all the time, so why not now?

Well, time to go before my husband gets home and I have to pick up a little so he doesn't know I've wasted most my time on here. See, theres that sneaky thing again. Ruining everything. By the way, I'm exhausted if you can't tell. Having four kids is no picnic let me tell you. I love them don't get me wrong, but the sleeping arrangements suck. Suck I say! Hoping you guys are having awesome summer fun right now too!


  1. What sweet perfect pictures...and such a cute mommy blowing bubbles!

    I'm happy you're enjoying family time, even if it's 24/7 and driving you crazy. I wish we could steal some of your time, but I'll be patient!

  2. It's so funny how things change. I love my husband being home, but he's not usually home in the mornings, so when he is, it messes with my routine.

  3. I am honored.

    I have to keep myself busy during the summer because you are right - my wife is so sick of me after about two weeks. Or maybe she is always like that and I just don't feel it until after two weeks?

    PS: I see you are a follower of the Mormon Bachelor Pad. I used to read that, but it made me feel dirty and I am really not sure why, because I am a very liberal Mormon dude.

  4. What wonderful pictures! (Both this post and the last one! I didn't see those until just now, because I was in Texas all last week, and I'm still trying to catch up on the blogging that I didn't get to do!)

    Have fun, even if you are ignoring the blogworld!

  5. YES I have missed you. BUT I know you are very busy with the little ones, summer and hubby.
    Know what, being retired and all, my husband and I are connected at the hip 24/7.
    Oh Yeah. I love him and all..........BUT we all need some personal space and I sometimes am like "do you have anywhere you need to go"
    But OH HOW I would miss him if hr were not here. Things are so topsy turvey eh.
    I raised 5 kids, I understand NO sleep. Oh precious, glorious sleep. Your time will come.

  6. hey skcoe thinks I'm a cute mommy...she must be thinking it's you in the picture!! love all the pics, especially Liam with his tongue hanging out, haha!

  7. I HAVE missed you posts ever so much. I love getting a little dose of you. Whew!

    BTW these photos are GORGEOUS. Love em.

  8. These are all great pictures. Looks like you guys are having an awesome family time.

  9. You are so funny.... enjoy the heat, and enjoy your hubby!!!

  10. Ok, I'm interested in hearing more about the sleeping arrangements. Not having human children of my own, I have no idea what you mean by that.

    Also, I think during summer this blogosphere thing kinda slows down a bit, no? I haven't been here much either, but trying to get back to seeing all my bloggy friend regularly. And now I hear I'm a bloggy mistress to you. Intriguing.

    Also, I haven't eaten yet today and I've been up for 3 hours. I know I need to go have breakfast because that lovely pic of your daughter holding a stack of rocks looked to me like she was holding a stack of donuts. Or on closer examination, potatoes. Either way, I'm pretty sure my eyes are playing tricks on me. So, enjoy your kiddos! I'm off to eat breakfast!


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