Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Achin' Back!

Hey look its me again, popping in to say hello! (Side note: when I was typing "popping" up there ^ I totally typed "pooping" first. Oops! Snicker.)

So, I really don't have much to blog about. Once again, I haven't been on here because we're busy enjoying the nice weather and being super busy. We didn't light any fireworks for the 4th of July, so I can't even add any cool pictures. I'm totally a loser in every way.

What I've been doing a lot of though? Gardening. Do you have any experience with gardening? I flipping HATE gardening.

When I was growing up my mom always made us weed. I HATE weeding.

My parents have a huge yard and there was always tons to do in it; lawn mowing, weeding, digging, whatever. I HATED it.

Mostly because I have horrible allergies and I was miserable out there (although that didn't stop me from playing hide-and-go-seek out in the hay field until my eyes were swollen shut), and also because pulling weeds for five hours just plain sucks.

Well, fast forward to the present day-ish. I want to go to Utah REALLY bad, I miss my friends, I miss my family, I've had a rough last couple months and gosh darn it, I deserve this trip! But as of now, my husband doesn't really have a steady income. So my parents are landscaping their gigantic yard and need some help getting done since they both work. And like the heartless child I am, I told my mom I would help her with her yard if she paid me. Then she told my grandma that I was looking at making some extra money and could I weed her yard too.

Do you know how dumb it feels to ask your grandma to pay you to weed? I'm almost 30 people. I felt like the biggest loser in the world.

But I obviously got past it since I weeded her flipping yard for six hours yesterday. SIX hours. My whole body hurt, I'm not even kidding. Besides my back and shoulders and arms, my fingers hurt. My finger NAILS hurt.

And I'm going back tonight. To finish the job. And she better pay me that $10 an hour or I'll hurt her old woman body! Just kidding. A little.

But guess what people?? I EARNED it! Between my grandma, my mom and my mother-in-law I have enough to take my trip!! Yee-haw!

Now we'll just see if I have the gall to actually buy the ticket instead of saving it or paying bills or something responsible like I should. Guilt, guilt, guilt...

(p.s. I want you to know that I'm not as huge a baby as I sound, my parents have 3 acres, just to clarify.) :)

What do you do when you need a little extra money? Maybe next time I'll just sell an organ or something.


  1. I think it's sweet you asked your grandma.

  2. I am totally in debt from my 3-week road trip, and it was worth every penny that Wells Fargo paid. Now, I have to pay every penny back, plus interest. So I will be tutoring after school when it's offered. Yuck. Not that I hate tutoring per se, I just hate it after I've been tying shoes and telling people to be nice to each other and trying to explain what a complete sentence is all. day. long. After seven hours of that, tutoring is kinda sucky. And not just for me, but for little Germaine and Takazie. Because they've just spent 7 hours listening to grownups telling them what a complete sentence is...

  3. Grandmas pay the best for weeding. My grandma once paid me 10 dollars for about 5 hours of work.

    Grammy, you are the best.

  4. I think it is totally awesome that you EARNED your money for your trip--so I say..TAKE THE TRIP, YOU WORKED FOR IT, YOU EARNED IT, so now reward yourself. It will rejouvinate (sp) your soul.
    I like working in the garden...and someday hope to have our yard ready for veggies and flowers galore. BUT, I don't have little kids to care for, so I have the TIME and it is a little theraputic.

  5. I donate plasma, sell my husband's coin collections, and hock my wedding jewelry.

    None of those, actually.

    I just whine and moan and cry and um, whine some more when I need money. I cut back on all our expenses and then moan and groan more when the fridge is empty and all the good cable channels are gone because I didn't buy enough food and cut back the cable bill.

    I'm hoping and praying and wishing and doing little dances in the hopes of you coming out here this summer, or fall, or whenever you can get here. I can't WAIT to see you!

  6. If I need extra money I steal it from my kids! Yeah don't judge me - I raised them, I changed the freakin' diapers, I earned it - Ha Ha

    Srsly - That is alot of hard work and you should totally take your trip - sometimes your soul just needs things more than your bank account!

  7. Lucky your Grandma pays. My Grandma gave me a flower and a cookie once for weeding. Yeah, I was 10 years old then. But I was expecting money!

  8. Have you tried selling a child? They can bring in BIG bucks. Especially if they are are cute, OR if they are strong and built for manual labor. Cha-CHING!


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