Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cute, and then Not so Cute

Things kids do that are "cute," that are very much not "cute" when adults do them:

*pass gas. It is totally cute when a little baby "toots", not at ALL when an adult does. Hysterical when little kids do it, nope still not funny when my husband does.

*yawn. I love a sweet little baby yawn, its adorable. When an adult yawns all huge, wide mouth open, uh-uh: not cute.

*walk unsteadily. You know when a baby's first learning to walk and they look like Frankenstein? Their arms out and they're wobbly and bow legged and shuffling. SO CUTE. If I walked around like that people would be rushing away in the other direction.

*stare at you grinning. I look down at my baby constantly to catch him staring at me with a big ol' grin on his face, its the sweetest thing. Like he was just waiting for me to look at him and he couldn't help smiling. Now, if I looked across a room at a man staring at me with a big ol' grin on his face, I'd probably slap him.

*steal your food. I was at a baby shower last night, and there was a little 18 mo. old girl there who was so stinkin' cute! She was walking around the room and would stop at people's plates and smile and reach over for a chip or whatever looked good. It was hilarious and so cute. Now if I walked around the room and started grabbing food off other people's plate I'd probably get stabbed with a fork.

*suck their thumb. SO cute to watch a little baby find their fingers and suck them. I hope I don't ever see an adult sucking their thumb, for reals.

*eating. Have you noticed when a toddler eats, he smears food all over his face? Its so funny and cute to watch them try and get a spoon in their mouth and get the food all over their nose and chin and hair and ears. Now picture an adult, wide mouthed trying to maneuver a spoon and getting it all over their face (picture it! I mean really picture them eating like a toddler! DO IT!). So. Not. Cute.

*being honest. When a kid tells you your teeth are yellow, or you have a big belly, its cute because you know they're just being honest. If an adult told me I was fat, I'd probably punch them in their big fat gut.

I compare adults and kids all the time, the biggest thing that just stymies me is: crying. From babies to little kids, when they cry they wail. They make noises and sounds and say "WAAH!", why don't we do that as an adult when we cry? At what point in your life do you stop wailing? And why do we stop if thats obviously the natural way to cry since a baby does?

These deep thoughts so weigh on me...


  1. I probably would have stabbed that baby trying to steal my food. No joke.

  2. These are all so funny. And true. Why is it that the truth is almost always hilarious? (Except when it's not, of course). The only infantile aspect of crying that I have kept is snot running out of my nose. I'm kind of glad we grow out of most things!

  3. This list makes me want to go out and try them, just to see if you are right (which I am sure you are) I am always up for another good social experiment.

  4. Dang, I just got less and less cute as I read this post.

  5. You are RIGHT! I am going to start wailing right now, today! It is, after all, the "natural way."

    I like you. :)

  6. I don't know about anybody else but I stopped wailing when my dad said, "Quit you're whining & wailing or I'll give you something to cry about." That kinda took all the fun out of it. LOL!

  7. I'm pretty sure I do still wail when I cry. Now that I think about it, that might explain my singledom...


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