Monday, July 26, 2010

I Blame You Cheeseboy

With Cheeseboy talking about McDonald's urine tubes so much it was bound to happen!

This last Saturday we went to the local McDonalds for an ice cream cone and to let the kids play in the play place.

I should have known it was a doomed trip because as soon as I walked in the door, a 10 year old girl ran out like a crazy person right into me.

After we got our order and went into the play arena, it didn't get any better. There were three "older" kids (as in TOO freaking OLD to be playing in there, one of which was the original 10 year old who clubbed me) acting like wild animals. They started off SCREAMING at the top of their lungs until we told them to knock it off. Then they started climbing all over the outside of the netting. There was no adult and I was fed up. So I got up to go tattle on them. Right then their parent walked in and told them it was time to go. Lucky thing because I was about to be peeved and all indignant and crap.

For about five minutes my kids got to play in peace.

Then some other kids came in, those kids weren't loud or noisy or bad, it just so happened that one of them PEED IN THE TUBE.

Know how I know that?

Because my daughter slipped and FELL in it! Ewwww. :(

Yes thats right, she had someone else's pee soaked all over her pant leg. So disgusting. (A little bit of an understatement there.)

So all in all, Cheeseboy this is your fault. I hope you understand that you will be paying for my daughter's therapy when she's old enough to understand how messed up that is.


  1. Oh. MY!!! I'm telling you, I think that happens all the time! And I doubt they clean it more than once a month!

    And very funny Kristina.

    Just so you know, the reason I called it a urine tube originally is that my parents took my first son to McDonalds when he had just been potty trained. He climbed up and couldn't find his way and he had to pee. He just stood and cried as the urine dripped down his legs.

    My mom was mortified and climbed up there to get him, which was hard for a 60 year old woman. She grabbed him and they tore out of that McDonald's.

    She said you could see the urine dripping out of the sides of the tube and kids were crawling through it.

    This is the first post with my name in the title. Kudos to you for that.

  2. Oh my gosh! Before I read Cheeseboys post the other day and now this one I never ever even thought about urine in the playland at McDonalds - I am so glad my kids are too old now. I am sitting here wondering how often my kids played in pee when they were younger - Ewwwwwwwwww! Totally sick!!
    funny post :D

  3. You've seen urine in the tubes, but have you seen vomit in the ball pit?
    (no, it wasn't any of my kids, and we left promptly after that, and I won't take the kids there again. It's the drive thru only for us from now on.)

  4. It was nice to read Cheeseboy's version of story. Though, I remember slipping and falling all the time. Maybe, that happened to be this.
    Funny post. Have a nice day...:)

  5. OH geez! That is disgusting!! What a terrible experience all the way around. You should have told those first kids that the next time they asked you to get them booze and cigarettes on a friday night your answer would be NO WAY. That would teach 'em! Also, blaming Cheeseboy is never a bad idea. Nice job.


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