Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heated Dreams

I was having the craziest dreams last night! CRAZY!

The most weird/vivid dream I had last night was that my baby's arm fell off. Yeah. It fell off. Minimal blood, it was just like detached. So we took the arm and we stuck it in a diaper (one we took off him, it was used yes), because that was going to preserve it until we could get it reattached. Then we got ready to take him to the hospital, when someone said maybe we should call an ambulance because they would be faster. So we did. And this all took place in a random, very small apartment. The paramedics came and we were all crammed in this apartment. And then it ended. Seriously. It was a weird dream.

Do you ever have dreams that while you're dreaming, you're thinking "this is a weird dream"? I was doing that last night.

Then the next dream I was eating lobster.

Then the next dream I was talking to Ree, the Pioneer Woman. (I love her a little bit.) And we were like best friends and she had a cage with all these sweet little puppies and we were talking about dogs and she thought I was the cutest little thing, so she picked me up and we ran around in a circle for a minute while she asked me what she should name her chihuahua. It was magical. Or maybe just weird, come to think of it.

I have weird dreams.

I think its this heat, its getting to me.

We need a fan.


Do you guys have weird dreams? And do they stick with you all day? Because mine sure do. Do you have a fan I could borrow?


  1. During this time when I have been recovering from surgery my sleep patterns have gotten way off. I have not been able to get to sleep till really late like midnight or 1:00 am and then I will wake at 4:00 in the morning and finally get back to sleep around 6:00 and sleep till 10 or 11 - Yes - it is crazy!
    I find myself have REM sleep during both times I am asleep. The middle of the night sleep I have peaceful dreams. The second time I go to sleep it is always something weird and disturbing - Creepy dreams!

  2. I'm already a fan.

    Isn't this the second post I have read about your strange dreams? I am pretty sure that it is.

    Maybe your son's arm falling off represents how your worried about your child's limbs and how they someday might just fall off?

    Probably not. That is far too out there.

  3. I totally have weird dreams. And I tend to dream about what I'm stressed about. Right now, we are trying to start up a new program, and our director has some really ridiculous demands. And I dreamed about it for two nights in a row. Boo.

  4. You totally need one of those new Dyson Air Multiplier fans! I saw a commercial for one and wished I had a need for a fan. But I don't.

    I have weird dreams on occasion, but I have never known I am dreaming while I am dreaming. I once lived with a guy who told me he had whole cities and places he would go in his dreams again and again, and he would control what happened in those dreams on a regular basis. My sister says she can kinda do that sometimes too. I don't have that kinda fun in my dreams. I just wake up and think. Hmm. THAT was weird. And an hour later I can't remember a thing about it.

  5. I hate dream hangovers. Blech.

  6. My PREGNANT dreams are the worst. But my "it's too hot in here" dreams are second in craziness...just the other night I dreamed I was on Dancing with the Stars and they were teaching me to dance badly on purpose because they thought it would be funny....then I was on Broadway playing Annie but they didn't give me a script until it was time to go on stage and Will Swenson was giggling like a little girl...and he looked crazy as Daddy Warbucks because he'd shaved all his long hair off but was only half bald so he looked like a clown...

    Yeah, I'm crazy like you.

  7. I just found you! Love the blog!

  8. Ha, Wierd dreams freak me out. I end up Screaming Out in the night ....which in my dream I am trying to ask/threaten someone to get away. Hubby ends up shaking me to wake up.
    some are so bizzare you wonder where THAT came from.

    sometimes I dream I am gorgeous, really sexy, beautiful, and totally awesome, talented. make lots of money----oh wait, that's not a dream. It is my DAY DREAMS

    sorry, no fan

  9. I have weird pregnant dreams. Not the kind that are appropriate to share. That's all I'm saying.

  10. I tend to dream early in the morning after my husband leaves for work and I go back to sleep.

    I just never remember them in full, just bits and pieces.

    Hope you don't mind me stopping by, I would have brought a fan if I knew you needed one!

  11. I have weird dreams all the time. Though, the worse ones happen when I eat at McDonald's the previous day. And to make the dream weirder, there's Ronald McDonald, the clown guy!

  12. Um, I dreamed last night that I was at my friends house first thing in the morning because she found some guy dead in her bed with no apparent cause of death. And she wanted me to be there while the medical examiner did the AUTOPSY IN HER BED because she couldn't supervise cause she need to jump in the shower. WHAT? So I stood back and watched him disassemble the whole body and pack it up. WHAT?

    I'm a sick morbid freak.

  13. Dreams are interesting and it appears you are able to have "lucid dreaming". If you don't know about this you should check it out.

    I did a post back in Feb about dreams -


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