Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I'm Obsessed With Right NOW

*chocolate milk

*Marilyn Monroe

(someday I want to re-create this picture. with me. really.)

*Man v. Food

*Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman


*sifting through craft blogs for ideas, but never actually crafting

*This hair cut:

*Bethenny Frankel

*how to get people to give me money

(or in other words, I obsess over how to pay my bills)


  1. Bring a wig to Utah with you and I'll take your pictures! :)

    Also, for some reason I suddenly want to give you money. Weird!

  2. Okay, the only thing I might have a similar obsession with is the cupcake. And only if one is sitting right in front of me.

    Who the crap is Ree Drummond? Was she the nanny on Different Strokes?

  3. I am obsessed with chocolate milk and cupcakes too. Though, I hardly get to have them.

  4. I am watching Bethenney's show and loving her! I love her relationship with her husband too, and so want one like him!

    Also, when you do that pic of yourself, will you make the same weird expression she has? I think it needs to be sexier or happier. Not sure which, but to me she just looks stoned on painkillers. I guess that's why Anna Nicole Smith did such a good job looking like her... (No disrespect to Anna Nicole or Marilyn, love them both.)

  5. I am also obsessed with chocolate milk, that haircut, and people giving me money. If you find a way to make the latter work, please share your secret with me.


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