Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Can't Even Think of a Good Title! BLAH!

Sorry I haven't been around much, I really am trying to keep up on your blogs but I haven't been logged on to comment. And I'm crazy. I mean, hormonal. And as far as blogging for me goes? I've got nothing! I have nothing to blog about! The only thing thats on my mind is my husband and having a baby.

I had a baby shower this last Saturday and it was really fun, I loved talking to friends and family and getting presents! I really need to finish getting ready for this baby. I finished reading the Hypnobirthing book and I really loved it! Such good stuff! I look at birth in a totally different way and I hope I can practice and get ready for a relaxed, not painful birth. (And to Rachel Sue, I haven't talked to too many people about it, so far within family they've all been really supportive and loved the idea so that ROCKED. My doctor did make some comment about the church says we shouldn't be hypnotized! haha I told him it wasn't like that. Otherwise, not too many weird looks. Although I can see it happening in the future!) :)

Cute huh?

My sister who put on the shower, and her super cute baby!
Yup thats me opening presents. Please look away from my double chin. Ew.

Milk and Cookies theme--too fun huh?! Lots and LOTS of cookies!!

My husband told me in a letter about a Facebook page that updates family members on what his Company is doing. There were TONS of pictures and after looking through literally hundreds of pictures, I was super frustrated because I couldn't find ANY of him! My sister called and I just broke down, so upset that I'd gotten my hopes up to see his picture and couldn't find one! After looking for another hour or whatever, I finally found ONE. It was exciting to atleast have found that one but I'm still a little sad there weren't more. :(

Thats him right there in the middle, looking tired after hiking for a long time with all his gear. 100 lbs worth of gear!

I'm feeling huge. And my back is killing me. This baby is going to be a football player or something, I swear he's trying to tackle my ribs. And I still don't have a name. Poo.

So dear friends, don't forget about me if I post less and less, its mostly because my pregnant brain has stopped working. Hopefully I'll be back full throttle after this baby comes and I'll have lots of fun stuff to share! Miss you all!


  1. Holy cow! Your husband is away? And you are pregnant (I knew that at least) and cutie patootie skinny you is having to endure a temporary double chin on top of everything else. I'm boo-hooing for you! You are such a trooper! I'm thinking of you--hugs!

  2. Don't worry about us. Just pamper yourself, rest when you can....we know you'll be with us when you can. (as far as blogging and comments go)
    what a fun baby shower. WHAT double chin.
    I bet you were so anxious to see a photo of your hubby eh.

  3. Your shower looks so fun! And your husband is such a trooper! (Get it. Trooper! I'll go away now.)

  4. When the heck are you due? I keep coming to your blog thinking I'm going to see a baby announcement! (Well, I keep coming to your blog for other reasons, too...like I love it and you're stinkin' hilarious!) Keep up being amazing. I don't know how you do it. I would have put myself in a depression coma by now if I were you (but don't get any ideas from me! lol)

  5. I'm so glad everyone was supportive. I had one sister in law who that it was awesome. Everyone else either thought that it was weird or that I was this amazing person for having a baby naturally.

    Although I think it's HILARIOUS that your doctor thought that you couldn't do it because of your religion!

  6. milk and cookies!!! so cute :) i'm glad you had such a great time. I'm still holding out for the name abram... its bibical and the name of a tank... or a machine gun.

  7. Oh your hubby is so cute workin so hard!!

    You look cute in the photo.

    Talk to you later

  8. What a cute shower - love the cookies and milk:D

    Oh man - It is hard to be pregnant and then without your husband and hormones going crazy and feeling tired!!

    I'm full of sympathy for you!! (wink)


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