Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had the stomach flu yesterday and I'm still feeling pretty blah. Not like I'm going to barf, but just no energy. Which sucks because my kids like literally took a box of cereal and threw it all over the living room floor. And I should probably vacuum it up, but the little one is eating it, so maybe that will take care of it before I have to lug out my heavy vacuum and put myself into labor pushing it around.

Don't you love it when you're sick? I think mom's shouldn't be allowed to get sick. Especially when you're husband is on the other side of the country and you're four weeks from having a baby. No getting sick.

So my first grader stayed home from school yesterday because I was too sick to get her ready and off to school. And can I just say that sometimes that kid is so awesome. She got the littler kids milk and breakfast and even changed two of my son's diapers! TWO! And one was even poopy and so far I haven't found any traces of poo anywhere, so looks like she did a good job! I love when kids are so sweet to you when you're sick. Like my middle daughter woke up this morning and the first thing she said to me was "mommy, are you feeling better?" and rubbed my back. So cute.

I mean, sure, thats all good and well but really it still doesn't make up for the squatting in front of the toilet at 5 am, do you know how hard that is to do at 8 months pregnant?!


  1. Belch. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. So sorry that you aren't feeling well. It's not like being 8 months pregnant isn't miserable enough. You need to have a heart to heart with Heavenly Father and ask for some mercy to be sent your way.
    Your oldest daughter sounds like a 'keeper'.

    Love your blog, although I don't leave comments very often I still read each post. (I know, I know, such a slacker blogger, forgive me.)

  3. You poor thing! I was actually thinking of you this morning when I had a headache and couldn't get up, but thought, "You know, it could be worse." So I got up and did all my stupid stuff anyway and have a HUGE amount of respect for all you're doing right now. You deserve a REAL day off, not one in bed or throwing up all day, but one of pampering and love! Wish I lived closer so I could spoil you!

  4. that sounds no fun at all.
    I like the part about letting the little ones eat the cereal OFF the floor....solves 2 problems as I see it.
    gets them fed
    cleans things up

  5. My mom is so funny!!! I so feel your pain I had the flu when I was 8 months prego with my last, I just wanted to cry, well I did cry but I still was sick and felt like crap.... I so agree mom's should never get sick!!!!

  6. I agree. mom's shouldn't be allowed to get sick. It's not fair.

    Also, do you think that you could get your daughter to teach my daughter to change diapers? Be casue that would be AWESOME!


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