Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's my Party and I'll...

So its my birthday today.

Just had to throw that in there first so ya'll knew! Because really how could you just be going about your day totally unaware of what today really is!? Now you're life has more meaning. You're welcome.

What do you guys like to do for your birthday? Normally I would do something like go bowling, or play lazer tag or shopping or a movie even...but I'm 37 weeks now and yeah. Bowling? I got my own bowling ball attached to my front side. Lazer tag? Even if I could get the vest on, there's no way I could run around and duck and hide and junk. Shopping? Bah. Movie? There's nothing I really want to see right now, nor do I think I could sit comfortably through a I got nothin'.

More than anything I'm just going to finish some of the projects I've been working on, and that'll just have to be good enough.

Happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday! I don't usually do much for mine, except for the once every six or so years that it falls on a Thursday, then I make turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and all the other Thanksgiving trimming b/c well if my birthday is on a Thursday, it is Thanksgiving.

  2. DUDE. You need to work on your celebration techniques!!!!

    I personally believe in BIRTHDAY WEEK.

    Day one: Kick-off with 15 or so of my closest girlfriends. Dinner at a restaurant, (stupid birthday hat, sing to me, the whole deal.)

    Day Two: No housework.

    Day Three: Family makes the dinner for me

    Day Four: Family Party with my mom and sister

    Day Five: Big group date to commemorate ME!

    Day Six, or "Birthday Eve," as I call it: Movies and yummy treats, stay up too late.

    THE BIG DAY: Sleep in, breakfast in bed, a "starter" present, perfect children all day, a fun mid-day activity, dinner at my favorite restaurant, and lots of talk about how glad people are to have me in their life!

    Day eight: Life as usual, and the next year's countdown begins.

    Things I'd recommend: Treat yourself to a sassy pair or shirts online today and look forward to getting them in the mail! Order pizza, and have the kids make a banner. Kids LOVE to celebrate and they'll get really into it. I hope it's a great one!

  3. MELINDA! How could you not have mentioned your birthday sooner???? Even to the Dream Team?

    Well, missy, you better SPOIL yourself today. I'm thinking some sort of dinner indulgence. And since you have to, like, still be a mom, you should order take out from your fav restaurant, rent a red box, put the kids to bed early, soak your feet in warm water, sip sparkling cider, paint your fingers and toes some bright obnoxious color, and some other stuff that I'm yet to think of.

    I would do all of that with you if we lived closer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELINDA!!!!!

  4. Yes I agree I drag my birthday out as long as I can!!!

    I hope you have a great day!!

  5. Oh Melinda, Happy birthday indeed. You have to HAVE to pamper yourself in some way.
    even if it is a pedicure
    a latte/or special hot chocolate treat with a pastry
    a quiet moment with a good book

    On my birthdays, when I worked I'd always take that day off. Then my daughter and I usually did something together...lunch, a movie...something. (Emma is my daughter above)
    I enjoyed being able to sleep in

    NOW...I don't know. Birthdays, they loose a little something something the older we get it seems. I guess I should just be glad I woke up and didn't find myself in the obituaries...THAT's a good start.
    love ya

  6. Happy birthday!! For me, just a day to cuddle under a down comforter and READ would be heaven. (with no one bugging me).

    Have a great day.


  7. I know. I'm a couple days late. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know. Getting projects our the way is very satisfying.

  8. Happy belated birthday. Sorry it stunk. I miss you! I miss all my blog friends. It's going to get better, though, it really is!


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