Saturday, March 13, 2010

Percy, What a Name

Here's the deal. I've been reading a LOT lately. Like I just read three books in the last three days. Which makes for a total of twelve books since January. Its been good this week since I've had to hold my son a lot, and I can just sit with him and read. Its also good because it helps me keep my mind from going crazy. Always a plus.

Right now, the last three books I've read are the Percy Jackson series. I have two more to go. And, obviously, I like them a lot--the author is funny and clever and its a quick read (obviously, once again). But, there are a few things that bug me. One, I hate it when there are so many questions and they could be answered but no, something comes up and you're just left hanging! Did that make any sense? Like, something totally doesn't make sense, and the character is asking whats going on, and SOMEONE knows, but they won't answer the questions and then everyone has to run off and kill a monster or something. I HATE feeling confused--I've watched enough of LOST to be done with that. I totally get that they can't spill EVERYTHING, where's the entertainment in that, but throw me a bone here please!

The other thing that bugs me specifically about these books are "the gods". I just don't like that its so hypocritical, like they say stuff like "we can't trust you Percy Jackson, you're too powerful!" ummmm, hello?! You're a GOD! And they say "your good intentions can change Percy Jackson." except you don't care at all about anything except getting laid. I don't know, I find some of it with the gods really stupid or annoying or something. And why are they having twelve year old kids fight monsters when they can freaking do it themselves?

BUT, please don't let that stop you from reading the books if you want to, honestly they're great and awesome and fun! Just wanted to get that off my chest, ahhhh I feel better now. :)

(side note: Ooh oooh! I just figured something out! The reason why we tell our kids "Oh well, life's not fair." is because we're eating chocolate and we don't want to share! Atleast thats what just happened to me and it made total sense.) :)


  1. Children's series, Kristina. The phrase "getting laid" is never used. LOL.

    I liked the series a lot. The phenomenal selfishness of the gods is disturbing, in a Voldemort sort of way. Mainly, I just HATE the guy who narrated the audio-book. Such a lousy audio-book. Overall, it's been a fun read for the family though.

  2. You crack me up! Yes, the older our kids get, the more things make sense when it comes to what our parents told us.

  3. I like your background!

    And I saw the title to your post and was concerned for a moment that was what you had decided to name your baby! :)

  4. WOW, that is alot of books in one month....good for you. You'd think with all this time on my hands, I'd be reading more. But I kinda let blogging interrupt that, and now that it is warming up some I want to be outside....lots of chores to be done there.
    I am still trying to get through THE OUTLANDER all 850 pages of the dang thing.

  5. Since the movie came out, my first graders have been begging me to read that series to them. However, we are stuck in the middle of a Lemony Snicket book that needs tossing.

    As for Lost... why am I still watching that thing?! It is so frustrating.

  6. I'm trying to read more too... I like that books will always make me think even after I'm done reading but not always with tv.

    loved the pics of David on FB. you must be so proud babe!

  7. They're not bad, I read the first four before losing interest for similar reasons. I'm considering reading Fablehaven aloud to the boys, but I'm worried it will give them nightmares. But man, I can't wait for the new book to come out.


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