Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hodge Podge of Complaintiness

Getting back to normal life. Thats what I've been up to.

Trying to survive the heat here also. You see, it doesn't usually get too very hot here in Western Washington, and when it does, its very humid. Which is very uncomfortable. And very sweaty. And VERY stinky.

Hardly anyone here has air conditioning because thats just silly to have for four days in the whole summer. But man, for those four days are you miserable! And I hate to complain because I LOVE hot weather. Really my biggest complaint is that I live in the middle section of our townhome and so I get heat from both sides, and it is HOT. And uncomfortable.

Other things to complain about:

*I hate cheap diapers. HATE THEM. For a baby shower I received lots and lots of diapers and wipes. Somewhere in there I got a pack of cheapy diapers, which leak on me constantly. CONSTANTLY. Its so flippin annoying. (They leak after an hour of me putting them on--THE BABY--it really sounds like I'M wearing the diapers in that paragraph...hmmmm.)

*Never send your husband to the grocery store unless you want to have him come home with this:

And ONLY this. Macaroni & Cheese and tuna.

*I have a massive canker sore. Its ridiculous and it hurts like crazy. I keep thinking it can't get any bigger or more uncomfortable but then I wake up the next day with a freaking volcano on my inner lip.

*My two year old son ate a little too much fruit and had an explosion in his diaper. This happened upstairs. I was downstairs. He decided to slide down the stairs to tell me to change his diaper. You can only imagine the clean up on those stairs. Kill me.

*We watched '2012' with John Cusack last night. It was... horrible. Depressing. Scary. Sad. A little ridiculous. Made me hate the government. I might have even peed a little, I mean cried a little.

*I'm reading "The Alchemist" right now. Its boring me. Its a little too...I don't know...dumb. I don't like when the author has to throw in so many little dumb things, it seems like the story should be interesting enough without telling me pop culture facts or something? I don't know. I really want to get some new books (MOSTLY JUST THE LAST HUNGER GAMES BOOK!!! COME OUT ALREADY!! Sorry for that little outburst. Ahem.), but our library sucks so bad, they never have anything in stock. Poo.

*Is it sad I could come up with like five more complaints? Don't answer that. I already know the answer.

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for letting me unload. Please feel free to leave your own complaints in the comment section. (Unless their about me and my whining, or anything mean--about me, you know.)


  1. Ugh, hate canker sores. I don't get cold sores, but cankers are so painful!

  2. I have a canker too. I think they are called cankers because they suck almost as much as their evil sister, "cancer" sores.

    Anyway, just the name... Alchemist sounds boring. Sounds like an alterboy by day and scientist by night. Is that what it is about?

  3. I cannot STAND people who leave cigarette butts on the ground or throw them out the window of the car. Umm, hellloooooo people. They are paper. You wouldn't throw a crumpled up piece of paper out the car window, would you? Well, maybe you would and that's just the kind of person you are. Anyway, it gives smokers a bad name. And who still smokes, anyway?? My apologies to respectful smokers out there who dispose of waste properly.

    Don't worry. I could go on and on as well. Thanks for giving me a place to vent too!

  4. The Alchemist. Okay at the beginning, fine in the middle, never finished it. I've heard it's very deep. (Zzzzzzzz)

    WHAT IS IT WITH MEN AND THE GROCERY STORE?! Come ON. It doesn't matter what I send Darren for, he will get that PLUS 12 bags of name brand chocolate chips and $50 worth of produce that will go bad in the next week because we can't eat it fast enough. Grrrr.

    Um, today I hate:

    1. Food. Blech. I haven't wanted any in about a week. I'd rather eat caramel corn and smoothies.

    2. Darren being out of town again, forcing me to be a single mother while he has a fun guy trip.

    3. My new shoes. They rub the bump part on the outside of my ankle and it makes me limp like a big fat loser.

    4. My weekend not going how I wanted it to. Whatever.

    5. My dumb-o bangs I cut. Why do I DO that?! WhY!?

    6. The bad taste in my mouth right now. I need some caramel corn to make it go away.

  5. I am missing the heat today...come back!! And then come over and we'll eat popsicles and play in the water...ending with a fun game of hide and seek;) In which I won't sound like a mean aunt picking on her favorite oldest niece:( Tell her I love her!!

    Cheap diapers are worthless...hate them

    Hmmm...tell hubby that he is the only one that will be eating Mac & Cheese and tuna and that is ALL he will be eating. Haha!

    Canker sores, AAGGGHHHH!! Those are horrible. Let's go down memory lane and drink some salt water

    Poo on carpet. Been there done that. Gross.

    I ONLY watch funny movies, and Disney movies (but I think those are funny, too)

    Um...I don't read, so I have no comment about the book thang

    It's always easy to come up with complaints when you are having a frustrating day!! Hope today was better:>

  6. Here's one for ya (which I know you are familiar with)...I'm still freaking pregnant!!!! And my hips hurt. And my back hurts. And my heartburn hurts. And my butt hurts. And I can't sleep. And I'm cranky all the time. And, and, and...

  7. That poopie stairs thing even made me grumpy! I hate nothing worse than cleaning up smeared poo.

    I HATE sending chad to the grocery store. One time he brought back chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a bag of dorritos!

    I feel your pain!

  8. I hate cleaning up poo. More than throw up. but only slightly. And cheap diapers should be banned from all stores ever.

  9. Ya know what makes me complain...when I leave a comment, a nice BIG comment and it somehow didn't "take".

    But you can use me as a sounding board anytime. Gotta let it go it doesn't fester as they say.
    and you already have a canker, so you don't want anything else festering do ya

    I am kinda glad I am no longer changing diapers....just constantly cleaning little puppy feet each time she want to come in.

    Nice to see your hubby has simple eating habits

    we had a lousy library here too....they have nothing, have to order in any of the NEW books.

    now smile, oh wait, maybe not, it might crack the canker

  10. Hey, if you can't complain to us, who can you complain to? I hate cankers. And cold sores. And kids. Just mine.

  11. I cannot believe you would try to read The Alchemist right now. Honestly, I can hardly process Harry Potter, my brain is so unstable. I'm way absent where the computer is concerned, but I had to drop in and say hello.


    ps - six days. Shoot me now.

  12. I LOVE your cranky complaints. It makes me feel better about having so many of my own.

    Things that bug me today (not that you haven't be forced to read my cranky list already...)

    -Going places.
    -Half day kindergarten.
    -burned out light bulbs. Why can't they last forever or just change themselves?
    -Loading groceries into the house and putting them away.
    -Dirty bathroom.
    -My maternity pants are too tight and cutting into my growing uterus. Shouldn't they make them to FIT?!
    -Piles of laundry.
    -The phone ringing.
    -Poop on your stairs. Yes, that made cranky thinking of you having to deal with that.
    -Whiny kids.
    -Not having a nice big house... or a garage... or closets... or a kitchen table...

    Things I love right now:



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